The manager hunt goes on as McInnes goes back on his word

The contracts were being drawn up, Derek McInnes HAD agreed to become the 17th manager of Rangers Football Club. The club had agreed to pay Aberdeen just over £1m in compensation for McInnes & his background team. As of yesterday morning it was all systems go.

The reason it didn’t go ahead is down to one man only, Derek McInnes. The former Rangers man turned his back on the club & his word to stun everyone at Ibrox.

Whilst this will be seen as a celebration to everyone that Rangers have been made to look a fool, it’s clear that the club can’t be held responsible here. They had secured our new manager, what happened next was out with the boards control.

It was obvious from last nights press release that the club were angry and it’s widely acknowledged they have handled this poorly. The statement screams of petulance & is widely condemned not only by the enemies of the club, but judging by social media, our own fans too.

The board aren’t blameless, to take this long is embarrassing especially when the man they wanted was in front of their noses the whole time.

The board should feel criticism but ultimately what transpired was something nobody saw coming. That isn’t a get out either for them & I am as angry as everyone else it has taken so long. I’m absolutely not absolving the board of any blame.

Derek McInnes has shown himself up to lack the bottle & integrity needed to become Rangers manager, Rangers will move on & appoint someone of that necessary standing.

I wanted Derek McInnes & how things have gone has left me hugely frustrated, but part of me is relieved because this mornings headlines from McInnes show he just doesn’t have the mentality needed to be our manager. Rangers were about to pay a significant sum & hand out healthy contracts to a man that ‘didn’t feel wanted’.

The Board now must respond because the support are growing evermore frustrated, good will is at a low ebb & we simply must see action. They quite simply haven’t handled this well at all.

Graeme Murty now has the reigns for the near future & he has bounced back superbly to record back to back wins, the feel good factor around the team is back & with three games coming up in quick succession Murty has a great opportunity to continue that form.

Graeme had shown all the necessary qualities to lead the team in the short term, let’s hope he continues it into this week.