Injury update – McCrorie, Rossiter & Dorrans latest

Small injury update from Ibrox and it’s a mixed bag with some good news, some not so good news

Positive news first, Lee Wallace and Bruno Alves are now in contention for the first team having came through a week of training unscathed. Both could be involved Saturday but given Wallace has been out 5 months the club are taking their time with him, Alves seems more likely to return to the starting eleven first.

Graham Dorrans this week stepped up his rehabilitation program by joining in on light training and remains on target to return at the end of March. The player is progressing fantastically well and having been ruled out the season the club are thrilled with his progress.

So that’s the good news, the bad news is as we told you Jordan Rossiter received a nasty kick to his ankle during the Valencia under 20s match. This has set him back and will keep him out for a further month, bruising and swelling to his ankle caused by the challenge. Rangers will again take their time in a bid to get him fit before season ends.

Now the really bad news, Ross McCrorie has NOT been cleared by Club doctors as we and the club expected him to be. In fact his injury hasn’t improved meaning he misses the next 3-4 weeks minimum before he can be considered. The issue with his injury is now at critical point because if the player doesn’t react to this treatment, Rangers will have to reassess their options and the player may have to get surgery. This is obviously worst case scenario but the players season may well be in doubt if he doesn’t react positively. Now that’s worst case scenario, best case scenario is he does react and will be back in 3-4 weeks as stated.

Dreadfully unlucky for the player and best wishes to Ross in his recovery, let’s hope he responds to treatment and returns soon.

We will continue to bring you latest updates where possible, thank you as ever to Derek for all the information.