Dave King and 5 wins on the spin

Social media is once again dominated with the ‘obsessed’ going into overdrive over Dave Kings court appeal.

It’s fair to say King as chairman splits opinion amongst even our own support, some are really behind him & some aren’t fans at all.

There isn’t a right & wrong answer, as a support difference of opinion should always be healthy, because end of the day everyone wants a successful football club.

But to dip into the recent court case it’s worth saying the following;

King had no option but to move for shares when he did, that took the holding of King and the three bears to over 30%. There was always a danger the courts would find them to be a ‘concert party’ no matter what they said and that is what happened.

King argued it wasn’t the case and also argued his company NOAL should make the offer not him. The court appeal again ruled against him but allowed his company to be the ones who made the offer.

King has made promises to both the courts and the board that the money is there to cover such an offer, £11m or thereabouts. Rumours it’s not available is counting on the fact this board hasn’t done due diligence on King himself. They have simply taken him at face value, despite most talking about how they felt they done that with David Murray and were subsequently let down spectacularly. The truth is the complete opposite and our club is run by smart educated people. This is a boardroom who wrestled control from Mike Ashley, dug its way out of a disastrous Commercial deal from him and all this despite his tanks being lined up on the lawn. We are persistently led to believe they don’t know what they are doing and reliant completely on King?

The facts are this football club can’t really win – no line of credit banks won’t touch you, Admin is inevitable

Line of credit, dodgiest bank around you’re are going into Admin

It’s a laughable obsession and the club simply give it no credence because it’s counterproductive to even give it that.

It’s disappointing to have to even discuss this here but equally important to point out how ludicrous it is. There are those that for Rangers is simply a way of life, 55 titles will really result in an amusing explosion especially on social media.

So to leave that there and look at what is happening on the pitch, Rangers were terrific for 60 minutes as they swept St. Johnstone to the side on Tuesday night. It was extremely heartening to hear Graeme Murty say that the players were disappointed with the last 30 minutes and standards slipped.

We can argue the rights and wrongs of Graeme Murty as manager but it’s right he is getting credit. Some of Rangers football in recent games has been spectacular and some goals scored equally impressive. Goals against Hamilton and again St Johnstone to name but a few, starting at Wes and 10 passes or less ending up in a goal.

Rangers have a real momentum as we head into some more huge games in the Scottish cup then against ‘them’ next Sunday. The players are confident and looking like they are enjoying playing for the club and manager.

It’s heartening to see what’s happening on and off the pitch especially at Ibrox. The stadium has been getting the attention it deserves with £3 million pounds recently allocated to do extensive work around the stadium and inside. Most will have seen the lovely pictures of Ibrox in the snow looking majestic with new LED lighting around the stadium, small touches needed to improve things.

It really is onwards and upwards for the club on and off the pitch, we can be happy and look forward to match days once more. There is huge games coming up and silverware is still up for grabs in the Scottish cup, having closed the gap from 14 points to 6 in the league there is also certainly a chance to put markers down in that too.

Why shouldn’t we be happy and positive, the team are playing fantastic stuff and if we all rally behind them we can help them take the next step. Onwards and upwards for Rangers, bring on the next few weeks. Impossible is nothing

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