Vital times for Rangers on the pitch and off it

It’s fair to say the last few results have dented the run of positivity surrounding Rangers. From January Rangers had managed to string together a decent run of results and a real head of steam was being created as we approached the old firm game.

However the players failed to reach the heights they had previously set and we fell short, albeit not by the margins in games before that one.

It’s fair to say it was a better performance than previously and arguably we should have taken at least a point. However individual mistakes, on the pitch and off it, are the margins and the gap which we must close.

In January Rangers managed to recruit well and put a recruitment structure in place benefiting our club for the future. Young, hungry players were brought in and contracts renewed to set a solid footing for the club to build on. In that one window we managed to close the gap considerably, but that window must be the first footing for more to come.

As we have discussed on this blog before, Mark Allen has the keys to this club now both structurally and in recruitment. He has the task to get the right men both on the pitch and in the dug out. He had previously said he presented the board with a list of managerial targets almost immediately after the departure of Pedro, something which the board failed to act upon.

It has not been given such short shrift this time, as the rumours begin that we have began to cast our net managerially.

It has been rumoured for a while that Dave King wants a man of ‘stature’ to lead us forward. Rumours of discussions with the Clarke’s, Martinez and De Boer’s of this world remain just that, but they are sure to intensify as the coming weeks progress.

Rangers have a massive decision to make and it’s fair to say the fanbase do have a level of trepidation about it, after all, this will be the boards fifth appointment in the dugout. The problem they have is there isn’t an obvious choice and outstanding candidate out there. There isn’t wiggle room, we don’t have more seasons to waste.

But the foundation is there for any new manager, the squad has a base to build on and whilst recruitment will once again be high in turnover, it has been bolstered by a positive January. We don’t require ten signings, it has to be quality over quantity, with a budget similar to last season we can be more confident Allen will ensure it is spent better than before.

The stadium is having serious money spent on it as previously discussed on this blog. The club have begun the initial stages of the share issue where previous loans to directors will be cleared and fresh working capital raised going forward.

The club are talking to potential new investors and those rumours continue to circulate, this is where the board will come into it’s own because we need that fresh boost of investment new faces could bring, so it will be up to them to make sure that happens. Resolutions passed at the AGM mean they can carefully choose this process.

Rangers aren’t the toxic brand they once were, London is taking the Club seriously again and despite the nonsense spouted, the club are on fantastic terms with the financial sector in the lands capital. Recent laughable rumours surrounding the club are exactly that, laughable.

With the club working hard and soon to be in a position to announce a new multimillion pound manufacturing deal for our strips, the club will be free of toxic deals negotiated before them. No longer will we be tied to the scandalous contracts handed out to Sports Direct and a supplier, which benefits Rangers, will be found.

Thus again making the club more attractive to anyone looking to come in.

But it all remains up to our board, this appointment must be right as the ground work for the club has now been done and it’s up to them to secure the right external funding going forward

It’s interesting times ahead for Rangers and the club must get back to winning ways on the pitch immediately, whilst the board must grab this opportunity off it

For many it might just be their last chance

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