Crunch time for Rangers and the Ibrox board

It has been an extremely difficult week for the Rangers family with the untimely death of two giant figures from our club.

Stuart Pedley was the original Broxi Bear, giving years of service to our club. He was a massive Rangers man and loved by his colleagues. A man driven by his love for his family and our club, he has raised thousands for Charity throughout the years.

Yesterday we lost one of our favourites in Ray Wilkins. Ray will always be remembered as the man who scored that famous volley against our fiercest of rivals. But what Ray should be remembered for is being a gentleman, a man who loved our club and never uttered a bad word about it.

The outpouring of grief and loving stories about Ray, show what type of man he was. Ray was a gentleman and somebody I am eternally grateful has played for us.

Ray played for England and captained his country, he played for Chelsea, Man Utd, AC Milan and PSG amongst others. His favourite time in football, never afraid to tell people either, was the two and a half years spent at Ibrox.

Thank you Ray for the memories.

Our thoughts are with both families at this extremely sad time.

Ray and Stuart, the Rangers family will miss you both.

Another week has passed since my last blog with a few notable things to discuss. Dave King made formal his intensions to comply with the court ruling and make the takeover offer for Ibrox shares.

This shouldn’t have come as a surprise to anyone, those ridiculous claims on the internet about Kings intensions were silenced again. It is those blogs, from people with absolutely no support for our club, that amuse me greatly. They just continue to churn out negative fantasy after fantasy. Even as the news broke there was still those claiming he wasn’t going to comply, much to the amusement of all who saw them.

It is those blogs, disenfranchised from reality amongst other things, that I refer to when I say – Ignore the nonsense, the Irrelevant and the noise.

There are some amongst our own support who think King and this board isn’t the answer and I don’t have an issue with that. One thing I won’t do is tell any Rangers fan what they write or say is wrong, in the end all we want is the same thing.

But for me this board have some more time to get things right. That’s not to say I am blind to the mess they have created this year. Accusations that they chucked the season away does carry some weight, the pursuit of Derek McInnes and statement thereafter, followed by the ludicrous decision to allow Murty to see the season out.

That’s not to mention the appointment of Pedro and Subsequent waste of cash last summer.

This board isn’t perfect, they have made some awful mistakes footballing wise. For me another failed appointment and unsuccessful season will be a bridge to far.

That is why they must continue the recent work they have done. January must be built upon. Recruitment was right, financially and strategically. But that is all wasted when it comes to the choice of next manager, if they don’t get it right.

That is why I believe they are on their last chance amongst many of the support.

Personally I believe they will get it right and make the necessary steps to get this club back to where we belong. I believe the decision to trust our DOF Mark Allen will pay dividends and his philosophy will be the right one.

That is not to say I disagree with anyone who is worried or in trepidation of what they might do. Given what we mentioned above, the mistakes they have made, that fear is arguably not misplaced.

Alistair Johnston famously said ‘We are not deaf and blind’, whilst talking in the aftermath of Pedro’s departure.

Well it is time to prove that

On the pitch we face a tough fight now, there is no denying that. If we are to finish second then we need a sharp uptake of form immediately. The last three matches we have shot ourselves in the foot and cost us any confidence we had, both in the stands and on the pitch.

We have Dundee on Saturday then the massive task of the Scottish cup semi next Sunday. This club and these players are most certainly capable if they apply themselves how they can. We have shown form, we have shown confidence and we have played well.

The split will hand us five massive matches, in every one we are capable of winning just as much as we are capable of not.

In our favour we have the timely return of Dorrans and McCrorie, both will add a steal to the midfield that we have been lacking. Saturdays match against Dundee, indeed any of our remaining matches, now become cup finals.

The players must perform, the management must get it right and off the pitch, the board must make the vital decisions correctly.

All or nothing now, about time everyone at Rangers stood up, on the pitch and off it.

Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise