The truth of the apparent tunnel ‘bust up’

There have been a lot of sensationalised headlines this morning, but the truth of the matter is this –

Greg Docherty and Alfredo Morelos had a spat on the pitch towards the end of the game. This turned into a heated argument and was quickly dispersed by our other players

Alfredo was walked into the Rangers dressing room by David Martin, head of Rangers security. The Hampden tunnel is all on camera and the fact there is no footage to be found is proof enough – it simply didn’t happen

There was no tunnel altercation and certainly not anything untoward, escalated storytelling of tunnel fighting is simply ‘Fake news’

What is true is the dressing room was an unhappy place and this is to be expected, quite frankly it should have happened on the pitch during the 90 minutes.

The fact that it didn’t and what did happen in the dressing room, will have repercussions for everyone going forward.

The players and management deserve every bit of criticism yesterday for ‘actions’ on the pitch.

The rest is sensationalism with no foundation from the usual sources, they lost their credibility a long time ago