Major strides on and off the pitch as the Steven Gerrard era begins

For a long time this blog has spoke about the potential for new commercial investment once Rangers had managed to end the disastrous Sports Direct deal

Last week it emerged that Rangers had reportedly agreed a 3 year deal with JD Sports, with the company taking over from Ashleys SD. The JD deal much more favourable to Rangers, with the club targeting millions of pounds in shirt sale royalties alone.

With JD also reportedly paying for the exclusive rights to the 3 year deal, Rangers have managed to negotiate a very healthy deal for the club

When you consider that the Hummel deal has brought in around £3m per year then you begin to see the kind of new revenue the club has been able to secure on a yearly basis. Even quick math can see that potentially between £4-6m a year in new commercial revenue and that is only on gentle assumption without the true figures to hand

When you consider soft loans have been used to plug financial gaps, it is easy to begin to see the boards long term strategy is coming to reality, for we will very soon be able to function standing on our own without reliance on directors.

There has been the usual ‘Rangers are skint’ patter from bloggers tarred with ‘a sickening sectarian brush’ but the truth is actually very easily available through simple thought process.

If you look at the new commercial deals and the sale of roughly 47,000 season tickets worth a conservative estimate of £20m to the club alone, then it is very easy to see that talk of Rangers being skint is nothing short of hyperbolic nonsense

Of course we stumble from one catastrophic nonsense rumour to the next, No European licence to be granted, Steven Gerrard won’t be able to manage Rangers, Rangers staff haven’t been paid. Once all these are swept aside through a simple thing called fact, then it’s back to the old faithful of Rangers are skint and admin is coming

The truth is it’s absolute nonsense and no matter how much someone says it or writes it in a tarnished blog, it will never be true

Of course the new one is now that Rangers have stood up to the SFA and it’s ridiculous governing of our club, it is being spun that this was always the plan and a good thing. Let them do the talking they say, indeed getting Rangers hating place men out of governance is a bad thing for our club

The demented infatuation with everything Rangers is truly remarkable to be honest

The truth is our football club is in a very good place, financially the club has the revenue in place and the backing from our board if it’s needed at any point

We are about to embark on a new exciting adventure on the park under our new manager Steven Gerrard and new signings are being targeted. The gaffer will get the financial backing he needs and in his own words ‘We will be ready’

Player turnover will be high, we are in for an exciting few weeks as things begin to hot up in terms of transfer dealings. The club are continuing to talk to Connor Goldson of Brighton and Liverpool in terms of potential loan deals for likes of Ovie Ejaria, hopefully news of these deals will come soon this week.

Players will also be leaving with a number of players in discussions with other clubs.

It’s exciting times for Rangers on and off the pitch, we can look forward to the new season in hope and excitement with new players coming in.

As the gaffer says, season 2018-19 on and off the pitch, Let’s Go!

Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise 🔴⚪️🔵