Steven Gerrard Rangers Manager

Steven Gerrard has only been here a few days and spoken only a few times, but it’s very hard not to be excited or impressed by the way he conducts himself, even this early on.

He uses emotive language which really grabs you and he says basically everything you want to hear. When he speaks of our new defenders, for example, he says they want to defend the badge ‘with their lives’ and that’s exactly what the support want

He answers the press well and simply says the time for talking ‘is over’. The early pictures and words speak of a man with a steal like determination but also a sense of realism. Rangers, in his own words, are a ‘sleeping giant’ in world football but he seems to be determined to try and remove us from our recent slumber

Gerrard is a global superstar in terms of world football, the spotlight on him will be intense but at no time listening to him have I thought he seemed overawed in any way. Of course it’s easy now to be somewhat ‘starstruck’ and only see the good in him, the proof will be when the action starts.

Gerrard has the support on a crest of an enthusiasm drive I haven’t really felt in a long time. Gerrard’s goals and instructions for the season is quite simple really, get our own house in order before we worry about anyone else.

That means the manager is in charge of everything this club does along with Mark Allen and they have begun to make improvements everywhere you go within the Hummel Training centre. It will be Stevens vision that shapes things, several years at the very top will now be put into practice for our players.

The man himself presented himself to every single staff member at the HTC and Ibrox in a bid to form that ‘Drive’ he wants behind this club. He wants to do it his way and face to face, just like when he spoke to players this week to alert him of his immediate plans

But ultimately he will have to produce a winning team, on the park will decide exactly if he succeeds or not. We as a fanbase must allow it time however and be patient. This is a huge job for the manager.

He is addressing our team and Rangers are going about things in a quick professional manner, nailing our targets early on. With six already through the door we can look forward to possibly another half dozen also joining the new recruits.

Recent information suggest that we are looking at four more ‘starters’, a Central Midfielder with a ‘fear factor’, a winger and two strikers. I would also think perhaps a loan or two amongst that or additionally to top up the squad is likely. In short I think there is a lot more excitement to come yet for us supporters.

But it all starts for real now, Steven Gerrard IS the Rangers manager, that determination and drive that pours through when he speaks, is now the one driving this new look side forward.

I believe in Steven Gerrard and the club are on the right path. I’m looking forward to every single minute of the season and the exciting few weeks we have of new recruits coming in. But I’m also grounded, we must be realistic and as I said above allow them the time he needs. There can be no snap judgements when the action does start, although twelve points from the opening first four games is a given, naturally!

As the man himself says ‘The time for talking is over’

Let’s enjoy this and get behind the team like never before. As the manager says himself, Rangers 2018/19 ‘Lets Go!’

Steven Gerrard Rangers Manager, it still sounds so good to me

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