In safe hands

It’s fair to say that Steven Gerrard arrived to a fanfare of expectation and excitement amongst the support. That big name appointment had arrived and as a support we quickly rallied behind the man tasked with turning the club around.

Since his arrival Rangers have went through a mini revival both on and off the pitch. Changes to the Hummel training centre and stadium to align with that of the managements expectations, including changes to food menus, update of decor and training facilities, changes to how the coaches operate and work with each other. All small detailed changes to ensure Rangers have the best chance of success.

The manager himself quickly immersed himself in our club, taking time out to personally meet each staff member and make sure they are all part of the Rangers team and buying into his vision.

For the first time, in a very long time, Rangers were operating as one and in a very short time everyone had bought into the Steven Gerrard era. Of course it is on the park that really matters and the players had to buy into the vision also.

As a support we have suffered many false dawns and many false starts, but right from the off this has felt different.

From the start it feels like everyone ‘gets it’.

They understand what is required, they understand what they must do and not only that, they are actually doing it.

Whilst we must most certainly keep our feet grounded and try not to get carried away, we are allowed to be excited about the start and how we look under the new management team.

The best thing about last night was how organised we looked and disciplined. That doesn’t come unless the players are buying into the management teams ideas, that doesn’t happen unless they are drilled on the training field and tactically aware of everything required.

Whilst we have watched Rangers teams being humiliated at every turn in recent years, this one has already shown in only a handful of games, that this team CAN be relied upon to deliver a game plan to the letter.

It’s early days of course but this is exciting. I am excited about our team, how it looks, how we are performing and about the results so far.

Disciplined, hard working, organised, heart, desire, commitment, chuck any adjective you want at this team because so far it fits the bill perfectly.

Gerrard and his management team have given us a team we can be proud of this far. A team who understand the values of the club and what is required to succeed as a Ranger.

It IS an exciting time.

The big games keep on coming for us and that’s the brilliant thing about our club, every game a must win and every game crucial. Kilmarnock will be extremely tough and we will need to shuffle the pack slightly I would think, but the options are there to do so.

UFA await in Europe on Thursday and then three huge away fixtures come thick and fast before the national break. Each game we see a little more, each game we get a little better. That’s the other thing which brings me hope and belief, we have a manager that keeps striving for the best and keeps demanding more.

As a squad we will strengthen in the coming few weeks before the window shuts, barring a disaster Kyle Lafferty will arrive to bolster the attack as both teams near a conclusion to that deal. Centre back cover remains a priority and you never know, perhaps this board will allow further spending to close that ‘gap’ even further. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if we get a fourteenth arrival (after a cb & forward arrive) to replace those who have left.

As a support we have really risen to the challenge, selling out games every time light blues step foot on a pitch, as a support we simply need to keep doing as such.

As the manager has shown, his vision can work and with everyone pulling in the same direction we can ALL play a part in a successful season.

In the manager we can fully trust

Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise