The Buffalo Soldier leads the way

It was nice and also vitally important for the squad to get that away win on Sunday. I’m sure everyone would forfeit performances if it meant a title win come May, but it is also ok to be concerned about the manner of the performance.

Seems a bit strange having a ‘moan’ at a 1-4 victory away from home but let’s be honest, it lacked the performance level we are used to.

In fact, worryingly, it was exactly what we have been getting away from home and scarily resemblant to Livingston away except this time we got the breaks

We are going to have to perform better away from home especially in ‘tougher’ league matches. That means the tempo, aggression, movement and quick passing must be more on point than it was Sunday. Also worth saying that a lot of players must also turn those 6/10 performances into 7s and 8s.

But with all that said, we know the players were returning after a few weeks off and we also know Hamilton’s surface is not one we thrive on either.

What we did get was the ability to bounce back after a late equaliser. Our captain once again stood up when needed with two calm penalty kicks. His stats are through the roof and he continues to impress and lead the club. Real captains don’t need to run about snarling at players, they lead from the front and nobody can argue Tavs value to us.

What we also got was another fantastic striking performance from current man of the moment Alfredo Morelos.

The Columbian hitman looks very much like the striker we know he can be and every performance is two fingers to the Scottish media and idiots who continue to belittle him.

His stats in the last three games are – scored 4, 3 assists and won 2 penalties. Overall for the season he has scored 12, assisted 5 and won 4 penalties. Also worth noting he has had 3 goals wrongly ruled out and he doesn’t take the penalties for Rangers either. (Cheers to my pal Adam @adamski152 for that info)

It’s fair to say that if we can keep the Columbian on this track and hitting those heights good things will happen for us on the pitch, further down the line good things will happen financially off it because no doubts Alfredo is destined for a big money move.

So moving on to Thursday and then Sunday we have two huge matches with Moscow first up on Thursday at home then Aberdeen at Hampden on Sunday. The outline of our season will be significantly shaped in the coming days and two wins could see us in touching distance of not only a cup final but European football after Christmas.

Moscow are dangerous, no more so than their electrifying strike force of Luis Adriano and Ze Luis. But they don’t travel well and have followed Vienna’s lead by sacking their manager on the run up to the Ibrox clash. Man for man I reckon Moscow are better than Vienna by a distance but we certainly can take them at Ibrox if we produce our best stuff.

As for Sunday we have a very difficult game against Aberdeen and it’s worth saying let’s not be fooled by their league position. They are a stubborn dangerous side against us and they will be eager to satisfy the fifty Aberdeen fans who make it down from all those miles away, at such an ungodly time and obviously school tomorrow etc etc etc.

So very much a case of play up the boys in blue, two huge games and two results will really lift us going forward. Up to the players and management to produce the intensity we know they can.

Off the pitch the strip fiasco rumbles on with the club back in court with SD. Thankfully a recent attempt to have an injunction placed on the club to stop selling strips has failed For the moment, but with a judgement imminent that threat remains. We can only hope this court case brings some answers and some closure for the club and more importantly us fans!

Barry Scott recently returned to the board after a short absence and the club continue to do their business professionally in the boardroom. As we promised when it first broke, liabilities to Close brothers have been satisfied in part allowing the release of security for assets back to the club. Much to my amusement because the lunatic fringe was making up all kinds of rumours with that one. As I have always said, this boardroom may not be perfect but they do act in the best way for our club.

At the training ground things have really taken off to a high standard, money has been invested in the interior with new pitches, new changing and eating facilities. Those that follow the blog know we reported this back in May when Gerrard first visited the training ground. But it’s worth highlighting again just how good a job the board have done in delivering.

What is also satisfying is the high level of professionalism throughout the club from top to bottom. Months ago there wasn’t much going on the media didn’t know about, but the club have taken considerable measures to stop this and make sure everyone is pulling in the right direction, that is only a good thing.

As we head towards our first Birthday here at the blog (and my own 35th 😥) we have some huge news coming from the blog in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to that and we are very excited about that

Onwards this week to two massive games and hopefully two massive results. Keep the momentum up Rangers, on and off the park

Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise 🔴⚪️🔵

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