Rangers adamant Alfredo stays as we’re ‘Defoe’ on the right track

After a fantastic display last Saturday as we closed out 2018 with a 1-0 Derby victory, we might have quietly wondered to ourselves exactly what was ahead of us come the January transfer window.

The argument that the league was there to be won was certainly valid but also as valid as those pointing out that the performance last Saturday shouldn’t shadow the obvious problems in the squad.

It has been obvious all season that against teams who sit in and are organised, we have lacked penetration and lacked an ability to take our chances. With the bit between our teeth we have really ran with it early and secured some fantastic business already.

Those of you who regularly read the blog will remember my blog in early November when we looked at transfer rumours, the names of Glenn Kamara, Steven Davis and Jordan Jones where amongst our rumours. It has been known the club were a fan of both players and had been keen to do business with both.

The manner in which we moved to tie up both was impressive and both have signed pre contracts to arrive this summer. I do however have a sneaking suspicion that both will arrive earlier with the club in dialogue already with Dundee and with the Killie reaction to Jones’s move, his early arrival may just be more likely if Kilmarnock approach the club to do business. After their reaction to our bid this time last year, I don’t see our club being in too much of a hurry to help them out with an offer now. Certainly both will be intriguing as January progresses

But these moves were just a starter as the mains were about to be served up. Rumours of Jermain Defoe’s arrival had once again surfaced and I must admit any prospect of that had me doubtful in the initial part. I mean the summer rumours were rubbished by the club so it couldn’t happen this time surely?

But it did indeed happen and as the days progressed word quickly spread that it was indeed a reality. I was excited and stunned to be honest, as excited as I have been over any signing in recent memory

Defoe’s arrival is a sensational capture for the club and that missing ingredient we have been seeking. Defoe is electric around the penalty area, capable of making those runs behind packed defences and above all he knows exactly how to finish.

Jermain Defoe is exactly what the club needs and his added experience also a bonus, in a dressing room inexperienced in some quarters.

So with three done the arrival of Steven Davis was the cherry on top. Again another linked back in the summer and another Rumour apparently rubbished, it quickly became clear this time the rumours had foundation. Word of Davis arriving has been known for a while so less than a surprise than Jermain Defoe

Davis again brings bags of experience and literally has been there and done that. His knowledge of the requirements needed at Rangers will be vital once the league challenge starts again later this month.

More importantly both players are here in time to travel to Tenerife with the squad this morning. Vital fitness and tactical training will happen with the squad so to have business done early is vital in that sense.

Also on the plane to Tenerife was Ryan Hardie as Steven Gerrard has a look at the striker currently on loan at Livingston. Whether that means the deal is cut short and he has been recalled or that we are simply having a look requires clarification from the club. Gerrard is on record as saying he would only be back if he played so with Defoe’s arrival, Lafferty and Alfredo already here could we be seeing a planned tactical change?

I also don’t believe Rangers are finished in the transfer window just yet, a fifth signing is still expected for me and a further attacker capable of unlocking a stubborn defence remains a priority for me certainly. That number ’10’ position has been lacking since the summer so it will be interesting to see what happens.

Rumours persist surrounding a number of players with Craig Bryson, Kevin MacDonald, Lewis MacLeod, Graeme Shinnie, Lawrence Shankland amongst some names consistently linked. Those rumours are just that however with nothing solid emerging on them at this minute.

Rangers remain in dialogue with Liverpool over Ryan Kent and his future, his permanent signing would be another statement of intent by the club. The manager confirming it’s up to Liverpool what happens there

Both American trialists have returned home following a successful stint at the club, both are said to have done well and decisions on both have been put to the back burner whilst the club pursued other pressing deals. News of the clubs decision on them may emerge from the break in Tenerife. Rumours we have offered contracts to both have never really materialised into anything substantial

Also significantly is how adamant the club are that Alfredo Morelos is staying and going nowhere. Mark Allen again today reiterating that Alfredo is not for sale. He has proved just how vital a player he is with twenty goals already, so unless a team is prepared to throw massive amounts of money at us, Alfredo will resume the title chase in our colours.

What is obvious and we must be mindful is if the club does receive that huge bid then the player will be sold. The business model of buying low selling high has always been discussed and clearly Alfredo has that pulling power. But unless teams are offering crazy money like £15m and upwards, Rangers look like they will resist all temptation to cash in.

That aside Rangers early business has been impressive. Jermain Defoe and Steven Davis signing is certainly beyond my expectations at this point but certainly a signal of intent as far as the club goes.

The feel good factor is as high as it’s ever been for the light blues as the squad embark on Tenerife to regroup and go again.

A message of intent was posted last weekend with our win, a statement of intent was issued this week with our transfer business so far.

I’d wager a guess that those statements aren’t the only ones we will be seeing from the club

Rangers are ‘Defoe’ on the right tracks

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