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Rangers yesterday launched their new innovative Diversity and Inclusion campaign. A year in the making, on the back of several months of hard work, the club were able to show everyone exactly the vision they see for us going forward and remind everyone that Rangers is for Everyone and Anyone

The aim of the campaign is simply to unite everyone no matter backgrounds, cultures or communities. The new initiative will promote Rangers with one aim; for our club to become a modern football club which fans can unite to support a common cause – equality for everyone

The board and club are fully behind the project with Dave King saying

I am delighted and immensely proud to unveil this important and extremely relevant campaign. 

Everyone Anyone is an all-encompassing initiative designed to highlight the similarities between the broad spectrum of supporters worldwide regardless of age, ethnicity, faith, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability and health.

We may have different backgrounds and beliefs but supporting Rangers is the bond which unites every single one of us.

We want to create an environment where everyone feels valued, safe, welcome, and wanted. Supporting Rangers should break down barriers and Ibrox should be a place where diversity, unity and inclusion are strengthened through the friendships football can create

Manager Steven Gerrard said:

This is such a massive club which has an important role to play in bringing people together.

Rangers is a vital part of the fabric of Scotland and our campaign sends a clear message that no one should be excluded. Supporting Rangers means we are all part of the same family.

We stand together proudly in support of our club and our diversity

I am fully behind the clubs initiative, as we move forward to embark on exciting new commercial plans and ambitious plans for the 2022 project, including plans to regenerate Ibrox area and our own Edminston House, we must embrace and support the clubs campaign

The club are facing challenges from our own government in terms of strict Liability and whilst we are struggling to get our own Fanzone application accepted, our support need to be aware that the same Councillors objecting to this will soon be in control of strict liability laws and able to assert punishment onto clubs

So with that said where do you think those officials will look first and where do you think the punishments will first be handed out?

Rangers are well aware of this and the potential dangers the future holds, as a support we need to embrace this for the good of our club going forward. This isn’t about what anyone else does or gets away with, Rangers is for everyone, let’s embrace that with the club going forward. That includes social media, behaviour on match day etc.

Incase you haven’t noticed, the other club across the city are currently having a PR nightmare and there are Journalists out there actively searching for posts, videos and headlines to take the pressure off and on instructions of their pay masters – Don’t give them the opportunity to drag our club into a front page headline

Our support are the greatest anywhere and we have shown it time and time again

Rangers FC – For Everyone and Anyone

The clubs video launch is here –

Website coverage here –


With Progress in Europe literally taking us back to Progres in the next round, the clubs next on field challenge is upon in the form of Thursdays huge European game at Ibrox. Revenge will be in the air but surely the club won’t struggle this time as we look to set up a third round tie with Danish side FC Midtjylland.

The club are in good shape with promising early pre season form. The results over Oxford and Marseille in between resounding, but expected, victories over St. Josephs in Europes first qualifying round were welcomed and showed promising glimpses over what we can hopefully expect going forward.

Blackburn was also a very worthwhile workout and in many ways the management and team would have gained more from that than in terms of easy victories before. The squad looks strong and whilst we wait for Kent to possibly return (that situation remains entirely in Liverpools hands and no update on our last blogs position) our Managing Director Stewart Robertson has yesterday confirmed money is available should the manager want to spend it.

I had previously tweeted that we are still looking for two more signings to come in after the conclusion of Filip Helander in a £3m deal from Bologna. If you consider one of them on the wish list is Ryan Kent, then we are still looking at one more to join us. Looking at it logically, a left back could be that position if the manager decides Borna Barisic has not impressed him enough or after that an attacker in the form of a number ’10’ may be where he views a need to strengthen

Daniel Candeias Yesterday left to move to Turkey for an undisclosed fee (believed to be around £250,000), the overall deal worth a lot more when you consider the wages saved on the player. Daniel goes with our best wishes and it’s sad to see him move on. At very least he always gave everything and leaves us with fond memories. Jak Alnwick will join him in leaving Ibrox as he prepares to join Blackpool and interest remains in Grezda, Dodoo and Lafferty as Rangers look to clear the remaining unwanted players out the door

Of course the rumours remain of interest in our ‘star’ players and latest speculation of imminent bids remains exactly that, there has been no bids of note and nothing of interest to the club in which we would be willing to let our prize assets go

With the English market closing in the second week of August, time is fast running out for any potential movement from those clubs, that might mean that we can expect any interest to become formal quite quickly but Rangers remain absolutely resolute in their resolve, if you want our players then you will pay our prices

Rangers could have sold both Alfredo Morelos and James Tavernier if they needed to cash in or wanted that for way less than they value both players. Fees of around £6m could easily have been obtained but our response has always been to say absolutely not you will pay our valuation

Now you would think a club apparently so desperate for money would jump at the chance of £10m plus for two players, but we’ll get to that mentalism in just a minute.

It would be wrong of me not to comment on the Sports Direct legal cases but I am limited to what I can say with this being an ongoing legal dispute. It doesn’t look good on yesterday’s judgement but it is not the end of the dispute there. The Club’s legal team will look at it again, this is sure to rumble on but there is undoubtedly questions that need asked. However despite the rumours of £10m bills and Sports Direct being owed vast sums of money, that is not true to the extent it’s made out.

We will no doubt have to write a cheque but it certainly won’t be for that figure being branded about and the club are duty bound to clarify the situation to the support as early as they legally can. Me commenting on it or offering judgement does no one any good. The board need to tell the fans as honestly as possible to bring much needed clarity going forward

Finally, I don’t normally give this stuff any time but as social media was awash with the latest Admin exclusive I will point out the following – For those that haven’t seen this be glad you haven’t because it’s like something out of a Blog you would find the worlds best carer write.

It was suggested that Douglas Parks business is effectively in administration and he’s lost £12.5m in our club. Douglas Parks business posted a turnover of £761m and profits of 17.1m before tax and banked £5.4m in a reserve fund, on last accounts, it’s also expanded recently. If anyone believes he went into this blindly handing Dave King money and not knowing what he was doing, then they are whistling to the moon quite frankly. He hasn’t lost £12.5m and that’s about as likely as exclusives regarding his London eating habits.

That topped with a claim that the club had to let 5 members of staff go to pay the wages this month is verging on mental gymnastics of a simpleton, just how much are we paying staff for them to become viable and did they just toddle off free of charge?! It’s obviously nonsense as much as forcing Jimmy Bell to go and buy Hummel gear and stitch the badges on, yip we can all see Jimmy gleefully doing that

So with King apparently skint we are hurtling towards another admin apparently. Dave King made £10m a couple of weeks ago on the stock market, has easy access to £11m he had waiting for the stock market bid if it was deemed necessary. Not to mention the fact he owns various businesses and his own portfolio is easily researched. The £11m takeover money came from one of his businesses Dividends !

Questioning whether our club is in financial danger is an absolute fantasy, even beyond all that the club is virtually debt free and owns all its assets.

Rangers face challenges and the on going legal dispute regarding our merchandise is an unwanted cloud the board must find a solution too. It’s going to cost us but I urge everyone to treat these nonsense rumours for exactly what they are – a complete fantasy with absolutely no foundation. It’s going to suit some outlets with an agenda to report the negative headlines but it’s important to remember the following;

Rangers continue to rebuild, we continue to upgrade and improve the stadium heading towards the 2022 celebrations

We face huge challenges on the pitch as European opposition step up a notch and the League season gets ready to start. Rangers are still active in the transfer market and we await more arrivals as we move into August for the league starting, the money is there as our own managing director has promised

Good luck to the team and management for Thursday as Progres come to Ibrox, let’s get the job done and show everyone Rangers is for Everyone and Anyone

Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise


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