Michael Stewart – His sinister poisonous agenda unmasked

It wouldn’t really be a normal day if a certain failed trialist Michael Stewart wasn’t spouting some sort of anti-Rangers poisonous agenda driven nonsense

This time however it is a bit more sinister

In recent times there has been several shocking crushing incidents in Scottish football, most noticeably last year before the first Old Firm involving Celtic fans and one as recently as Sunday involving our own supporters at Rugby Park

Try as I might I can’t find any comments from Michael Stewart regarding the first one, certainly none dismissing it nor should I expect to find any. Any decent person would be extremely horrified by any stories of crushing at Football matches

In searching however I notice he does say plenty when Scott Brown celebrated in front of the Rangers fans in April at Celtic Park, the subsequent surge caused by this was dismissed as

‘Is it really a bad incident? No it’s not and was it really out of order? Not really no

So there you have it, those actions were absolutely fine. Remember disabled fans were subsequently injured in the aftermath of this also

Curious indeed

Then on to Sunday and the distressing scenes outside Rugby Park, unsurprisingly Michael HAS had a lot to say this time. We have saw a number of eye witness events being posted on social media describing the worrying situation that occurred on Sunday

None more than this one

Extremely distressing I’m sure you would agree. Eye witness accounts of youngsters on the ground and Female supporters being crushed onto a wall and having to be taken away for treatment. This is just one of many witness stories that are freely available online

This is what makes Michael’s comments even more sinister and worrying

Listen we are used to his anti-Rangers agenda every week. This is the guy who identified two similar handball situations involving Rangers (Russell Martin vs Hamilton, Carl McHugh vs Rangers) as one being a definite penalty and the other definitely not and a simple case of Biomechanics

But when it comes to fans safety and horrible stories like above I struggle to understand the following quotes from Stewart

‘There was not an issue of crushing because it was outside, it was not a confined space’

Instead he says

‘Rangers as a club have to shoulder some of the burden here as well’


It’s wrong for the gate to be forced open because you don’t know who is going in, that’s a security issue in itself’

Quite unbelievable I’m sure you would agree. The narrative and agenda screaming out quite clearly that Rangers must take some of the blame, I mean he can’t possibly miss an opportunity to have a go can he?

But to belittle a serious situation for our supporters, dismissing it because it’s outside, is absolutely sickening and tells a huge story for all to see

This is a public figure of the BBC & BT Sports and his inability to be fair and balanced has now taken a sinister turn for the worst

It’s clear he doesn’t care for the safety of our supporters and instead chooses to dismiss it and go on the attack of our club

Michael’s relentless pursuit of our club and fans is nothing new. Our injury time winner on Sunday has seen him frothing at the mouth ever since and every possible chance to have a go at Rangers he has taken

Now he has dismissed the safety of our supporters by simply saying it couldn’t have happened and wasn’t an issue

No big deal because it’s just Rangers fans safety eh Michael?

I would normally end this by saying ‘Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise’ and while Stewart fits that perfectly he also has a DUTY as a public figure to be fair and impartial

His faux outrage and unbalanced moral compass is one thing, attacking our support and dismissing the safety of our support as ‘not an issue’ is completely another

Rangers should deal directly with his employers as should anyone disgusted by his comments

Fair? Impartial? Balanced? Doesn’t look like it does it Michael?

Enough is enough