A look at Recent results, merchandising and why racist slurs and sectarian attacks are all fair game on Rangers in Scotland 2020

Last time I wrote I was positively bullish that our late winner against Hibs would be a turning point. Victory at Hamilton meant a trip to Kilmarnock was tricky but I didn’t sense much fear anywhere before hand. The players contrived to blow it however and we all subsequently found ourselves watching a rerun of a movie we have all seen before. There is nothing more soul destroying about our current predicament and there is no point saying otherwise, but only hard work can sort this.

There is no doubt in my mind the players are letting the management down both individually and collectively. There is also no doubt in my mind that these same players are now playing for their futures at our club. The manager has put a lot of faith in them and at the moment it isn’t a surprise to know that he is now individually monitoring their response in character to this situation. How they react will have a huge bearing on their Rangers careers going forward.

However, that’s not to say it’s all sweetness and light for Gerrard or the management team themselves. Often said before, there is a groundswell of opinion that he takes too long to change things, more reactive to situations rather than preemptive. For the first time in his Rangers career we can legitimately say that the honeymoon is over and the starry eyed love for Gerrard appears to be draining. He is getting criticism, the fans are unhappy but it’s criticism that is fair.

The fans have a right to be pissed off quite frankly. Six months of hard work blown in three weeks, similar to last season, points to people not learning lessons. Patterns in games also being repeated means there is huge frustration everywhere. This needs rectified quickly and the management also needs to introduce some variation to our play because it’s obvious to everyone that we have become predictable. That tempo, pressing and attacking threat has mysteriously disappeared.

We all have a duty to dig in, not only the manager, certainly the players but also the support. There is no point turning on everyone because we are all in this for the long haul. All we can do is take each game at a time, get the performance levels up and see where it takes us. It is also worth saying that I am still completely behind the players and management, everyone is. I do however believe that criticism is fair and the manager himself says he accepts that. I have no doubts this management team will succeed, they have my unwavering support.

Let’s hope that starting with today against Livingston we see that reaction from the players and management, there’s no time to mope around, this is Rangers

With that said it takes us to off field matters and yesterday at 4pm Rangers released a statement outlining that they have begun legal action to recover £2.8m from Elite, who are our clubs retail partners.


The reason this is happening is because Elite have failed, Rangers claim, to pay them monies owed for this season’s retail agreement. It is extremely important to stick to facts before looking at any rumours as to why we are now in this position. The facts are Rangers have tried to recover this payment for several months which has been met with no payment forthcoming from Elite. The argument that Elite couldn’t pay because of a legal injunction placed by Sports Direct against Rangers retail was alleviated several weeks ago when Rangers won a court case to have that removed.

Rangers then released a statement saying we ‘hope’ Elite would pay up which in itself sounding worrying. It is fair to think that several weeks later any attempts to recover this money has failed because we now find ourselves in this position where another court room argument awaits us.

So what does this mean? Are we now boycotting merchandise again?

The facts we know are that Elite have failed to pay Rangers what we feel are our required dividends this season. So the money we are handing over in good will, thinking it is helping the club, is apparently not reaching it. The word Boycott is one we all hate, let’s be honest here. Everyone is sick of this and what we all want is to but our Rangers merchandise whilst helping the club. I’m certainly not calling for a Boycott, what I am saying is the facts are that rightly or wrongly the club aren’t seeing that money.

Personally until the club clarify this money has been paid and the relationship is a good one, I will be keeping my money in my pocket. Why this has happened and why the relationship with Elite has apparently soured is unknown. But it surely raises questions about Elite when we are taking these lengths to recoup our fees.

The best outcome for everyone here is exactly that, Rangers get there money and we as a support can buy merchandise without worrying about what may or may not be happening. A situation I hope is resolved for the best outcome of the club.

Finally, in a week that has seen more Police investigations into Racist abuse of Alfredo Morelos, it is shocking to hear of a sectarian attack on Rangers PR consultant Jim Traynor. Reports suggest that sectarian shouts were heard as two men attacked and assaulted him in broad daylight on Wednesday afternoon. Jim Traynor is a 66 year old man who was minding his own business when he was attacked, a 66 year old man! – it’s absolutely abhorrent.

Alfredo Morelos is a young sportsman trying to make his way in football, he’s actually an immigrant in our country. The truth is as an opposition he’s annoying, he has aspects of his game which are frustrating and I can see why he is not liked, he’s the type of player we would dislike if he wasn’t our own. But Alfredo has never done anything seriously wrong, he’s never maimed anyone or seriously crossed the line on the pitch. Off the pitch he is genuinely one of the nicest players you could meet who works tirelessly to provide for Charities.

Both attacks on Alfredo and on Jim have been made fair game in Scotland in 2020. The reaction to the sectarian abuse received by Alfredo or the assault on Jim has been to claim that it’s a deflection tactic by the club due to bad results or that Alfredo’s behaviour means he deserves it. ‘Those pesky huns’ are at it again. The toxic media reporting by organisations who have avoided talking about racism and have now turned this into a game to see who could discredit any claim quickest. Instead of talking about racism they have turned it on the messenger, who they argue is Jim Traynor, and platforms given to the likes of Michael Stewart to spread his poison and bile has whipped society into a frenzy where these attacks are seen as fair game. Instead of then reporting this it’s downplayed and eventually turned back upon ourselves as if it’s our fault.

We live in a country where Rangers, our support and club are dismissed easily. The proof has simply been displayed in the treatment of Alfredo recently. Any other player who faces the abuse he does and subsequently racist abuse would be given much help, support and politicians would be shouting from the roof tops.

These attacks on Rangers, our culture and anything to do with us have to stop. From the media to the government they all have a responsibility. Where does it all end and at what point will people realise their actions have consequences which lead to the events we are seeing now. Giving platforms to spout bile seen by the likes of Leckie, Hannah, Stewart (to name a few) has brought us to this position.

I’m extremely glad that the club are open to changing it’s media operations and how we deal with those that hurt us repeatedly. Led by Club 1872 we seem to be acting positively to change. That I can only hope comes to fruition because this status Quo can’t continue. Being a Rangers fan, player or staff member isn’t a crime

Let’s hope for a better day today on the pitch and in the games coming up. This is Rangers, let’s start getting back to what we are good at

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