Stick with this team, Europe has proven we are in safe hands

From the ridiculous to the sublime, in less than a few days, has become the norm since the winter break. In truth we have struggled for that consistency and in truth players have struggled for that form. Domestically it’s gone and it will take some sort of miracle for that to change, we’ll never throw in the towel but let’s not try to kid ourselves either.

Europe once again has become the shining light and an indication of how well this team can perform and how well this management can set us up.

Rangers went to Braga and we were underdogs, even I just wasn’t sure what we would get, privately I even feared a bad result. The manager was bold and he made ballsy changes which brought dividends as those players rewarded him with a tactically disciplined performance. George Edmundson was a rock at the back and given himself the platform to stay in the team until Helander returns from fitness to challenge him.

Ryan Jack returned and the shape was so much better to the one that got pulled everywhere during the first sixty minutes last week. Truth is we could have won 0-5 in Portugal last night and nobody could have questioned it considering the missed penalty and chances spurned.

This team has proven itself to be very effective soaking up pressure and springing on the break in Europe. They done it again very well.

What last night proves is that we are a team and rumours, whatsapp’s and tall tales of discontent are complete nonsense.

Nothing happened in Dubai. Nothing at all. You have my word on that. The team trained as normal, they weren’t overworked, there wasn’t some fall out and Jimmy Bells son / The players hairdresser / Andy Hallidays Dad or whatever made up source isn’t privileged to know a mythical story of a ‘Hangover’ style night out. The same as the fanciful Hummel statement, Alfredo’s tunnel attack and any other story that the sevcoholics churn out to fill their empty lives with some sort of meaning.

It’s also worth saying that ex players who spout nonsense on radio should also reign it in because this whole tirade of nonsense started when Hugh Burns opened his mouth. That particular radio station owes Rangers an apology as does Burns himself, but I won’t hold my breath on it coming. Anyone listening to stations that allow this to happen need to think about what they give their time too.

The truth is managerial mistakes, loss of player form, injuries and suspension has caused us to lose our way. That’s on the players and management, something they need to find a solution and ensure it isn’t repeated.

That’s the truth

But last night proved again this team are united, the manager does have the dressing room and we are heading in the right direction.

We simply need a solution domestically, it needs tweaked, changed or a good old ability to change it up. It also needs a mindset shift that I thought we had found pre Christmas. But that is what it is now and we can enjoy the European run knowing we are dangerous and can match the top teams as beating Braga home and away has proven.

There’s no delusion here, I’m going to enjoy it and see what Friday’s draw brings. The first team ever to start in qualifying round one and make it all the way to the last sixteen.

Forget talk of ripping it up, over criticising of the team and over analysing every stat or moment. The truth is we aren’t too far away. That’s not hiding the disappointment of domestic post Christmas woes, one or two signings, a solution to the defensive opposition and we will be where we need to be. That’s my belief and I will try to remain positive. That doesn’t mean it’s all roses, the form from Christmas has blown it big time and that’s on those in charge to rectify.

We need to stick with this team and management with all things said

Scottish Cup on Saturday is huge and taking that trophy now becomes massive both mentally and for the confidence of everyone going into next season. Obviously after we conquer Europe!

Stick with this team and get behind the players, last week against Braga proved how vital we can be and the difference we can make. As for the rumours and fanciful stories?

Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise