Rangers sweep aside the Saints, as we look at Castore, Reach and all things our club

Rangers swept both Saints sides out the way to help claim three victories from our first three league fixtures. Three clean sheets, seven goals scored and a good variety of scorers is a welcome statistic from the team. Rangers have played well in spells as the team look to shake the cobwebs of such a lengthy break from football.

I think that is forgotten somewhat, in this crazy world we live in, that this club was off for almost five months and that takes effect on players. It is going to take time, we are going to be a bit ‘inconsistent’ in our level of performance, players are going to take time to hit their form levels but with all that considered isn’t it wonderful to see the club top the table after three good results.

Play over the course of the matches has been good in spells, almost like when we have needed to kill games or grab that goal we have done so efficiently. Sure in places we need to be a lot better, the squad accepted that midweek after our victory over St.Johnstone.

But that is brilliant to hear, an easy 3-0 victory wasn’t enough for this squad.

That’s the drive and standards we need this season.

What we also have is a better strength in squad with the arrival of Roofe and Itten. They will take time to integrate into the squad and Scottish football but we have the luxury of allowing them that time with Alfredo still here but we as a fanbase must allow them that.

I made the point last night that it took Borna Barisic a year to show his full potential in a Rangers jersey. He is now performing as well as any left back I have seen for Rangers. Yes he has a long way to go before he is as consistent as the likes of Robertson and Numan but he is an example of what giving a player some time can do.

Don’t get me wrong, I would have got rid after six months as I saw a player scared to play in our jersey and I just didn’t think he had it at all but that is a lesson to myself on judging players to quickly.

Ianis Hagi is similar in my humble opinion.

He is a player with unbelievable quality but to me his little flicks, tricks and passes just aren’t getting the breaks at the moment. With that said he is still hugely contributing in our matches, just look at his involvement in our goal at Pittodrie or our second in midweek. When those flicks, tricks and passes do pay off we will have a player on our hands.

Having learned my lesson with Borna, I will be giving Ianis the time he needs to flourish in our jersey.

Transfer chatter has been a bit less hectic over the last week or so but it seems Rangers are still busy on that front. According to reports Ross McCrorie is subject of interest from Hibernian, a story broken by 4lads podcaster Chris Jack in his usual day job as chief sports writer at the Glasgow times. Hibs will need to spend around £400k it seems to tempt Rangers into a sale and as long as that includes a healthy future sell on then it seems a sensible move. Ross didn’t have the best of times at Portsmouth and the manager made it clear that another loan wasn’t an option.

With Greg Docherty having reported interest from Hull and other championship clubs he could also be heading for the exit door. I can’t help but feel sorry for Greg in that he never really got that run under the management. Whilst they are obviously better judges I predict Greg will go on to have a very good career and a sell on here again is a must.

Jordan Jones has also reportedly (newspaper headlines last week) been told his time at the club is at an end, loans on the horizon for the likes of Mayo and Barjonas, we are starting to get towards the numbers of the 6-8 departures I predicted may go in my last blog. I’m not sure I see any future for the likes of Greg Stewart, rumoured to be getting interest from Dundee United, Jamie Murphy or even Glenn Middleton.

If those players do go then that will free up some wages and space in the squad for perhaps one or two final arrivals. Latest being linked, again according to reports, is Bologna winger Andreas Skov Olsen. Olsen has been of interest to Rangers for over a year and someone I mentioned on this blog way back last year. IF that interest is genuine then the attacking options would be of huge excitement to us fans. With Rangers doing a great job of keeping transfer business in house then it’s one to simply watch and see if there is anything to the story.

I still think we need a midfielder to add an extra dimension to the middle of the park. The transfer of Bongani Zungu from Amiens seemed to vanish somewhat when it looked inevitable according to various reports. The player reportedly in Manchester and even himself answering fans on social media. Rangers flat out denied any interest and even after that denial, various reporters saying it may still be returned to by the club. That was a strange one but these things happen in transfer season.

So with all the latest rumours we can be sure there is still some business for the club to do both in and out of the club.


Finally it’s never nice to highlight negatives at the club but recent news surrounding Reach Ltd and Castore requires a thought or two.

Reach Ltd have been given the agreement to do all Rangers matchday printing. Reach are directly involved with the ownership of the Daily Record. The Daily Record are not friends of Rangers, any article from the Morelos Drug cartel nonsense to using Children to block police vans at Hampden show that.

Rangers gave an exclusive report on Season ticket numbers to the Sunday Mail just weeks after an embarrassing Sunday exclusive from a resident Rangers hater. Club1872 worked hard to have that retracted and removed. Why the club thought this was a good PR tactic I’ll never know.

To then follow it up by dealing with Reach is beyond parody. The club is quick to tell everyone we won’t be allowing the Record or the Sunday Mail access, but this makes a mockery of that claim.

Let’s be clear Reach are no friends of Rangers either, just look at how they treated Club1872 and their stance against us in their recent IPSO challenge.

Whoever at Rangers thought this is a good idea is extremely misplaced.

Yeah it may be a ‘small’ thing to some but when one of our largest shareholders has faced such issues with them and currently are conducting a ‘change the record’ campaign, then it is really poor choice by the club. It belittles everything Club1872 are trying to do and after everything Club1872 have done for this club, buying Ashley shares for one, then this should never have happened.

Rangers have been quick to ask the fans to support us at every turn during this pandemic, please don’t take refunds, buy your season ticket, buy direct etc etc and the fans have responded magnificently.

We don’t ask for much, just Stop cosying up to people that hurt us.

Castore launch has been poor. We have a lot to be happy about but thousands of supporters with no pre-ordered tops and no correspondence is not good enough. Fans being ignored, issued refunds or simply no sign of any tops should never happen.

Castore were given a platform by many fan media sites, my own included, and were made well aware of the demands of the support. To have these failings isn’t good enough and this must be rectified immediately.

Certain items being available in store only and not online is also extremely poor. We were told online digital sales were going to be at the forefront of the operations.

People are asking me online what I am doing about this but I’m not sure I can do much. The club are aware, Castore are aware and club1872 have spoken out also. There is no loyalty issues because Castore were guests, let’s be clear my loyalty is towards my fellow supporters. It’s not good enough, the club and Castore have a duty to rectify this immediately.

Castore have to ensure this doesn’t happen going forward, lessons have to be learned and fans must be sorted as a matter of urgency.

So on to Sunday and Livingston, another chance to kick on and keep up our good run so far. Three points always a must and on that surface a performance not a priority as long as we win.

We have been given an early unexpected opportunity to pile on some pressure, no matter how big or small, any initiative offered we must ensure we take it. On the pitch we have a lot to be optimistic about and hopefully Sunday is another strong showing of that.

Good luck to the players and management, the support are ‘Ready’ and with you.

Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise 🔴⚪️🔵