This is his team and Alfredo Morelos is still the main man in this Rangers side

Alfredo Morelos is still the main man in this Rangers side.

But he is no longer the only attribute we have.

Before I go on this is purely an opinion I hold and those that disagree will not get a strong argument back because that opinion is completely acceptable.

I have fell out with Alfredo and had him sold plenty previously but I can’t help but love his smile and how he plays the game.

Last nights little cameo, which I acknowledge doesn’t make the season etc etc, only strengthen my own feelings.

This is his position and team to kick on making us an even stronger proposition.

In seasons past Alfredo Morelos would start the season on fire and already be in double figures for the season. He would be dragging the team on and winning the games we were struggling to perform in almost single handedly.

This season it’s different because Alfredo hasn’t been performing at the best of his abilities, but this team is no longer one dimensional and it no longer relies on our one star man producing those moments of magic.

This team has grown to have many star men instead of one star man.

Alfredo’s game has changed and evolved also, he is now more involved, arguably he is now more selfless in his game as he drops deep and involves himself in ways he wouldn’t have had previously in this Rangers team. Sometimes it doesn’t suit him and he looks frustrated but we all know he is a confidence player.

It could also be argued that this has caused him to ‘overthink’ his game and the slight selfish edge he previously played with has gone as he adapts to be something more resembling an all round forward instead of that ‘one man’ striker of before.

In my opinion the truth is that this team is waiting for Alfredo to ‘click’ into that form which shows he is still the main man at this club which for me he still is. No player can occupy the defence like Alfredo can, no other striker can finish the way Alfredo can although they might become strong players neither Roofe or Itten have settled yet (naturally as they are only months into their Rangers Careers)

The difference now is when Alfredo is underperforming or drained then we can take him out of this side.

He undoubtedly has to grab the mantle once more and show he wants it with the correct attitude. That is undeniable.

There will be those that disagree or haven’t forgiven his behaviour that saw him gain several red cards or fail to report back from international duty. None of that is unfair nor would I argue it was unreasonable.

There will also be those that question his attitude or his overall fitness. There is no doubt he has been affected by the transfer talk and possibility of a move away, it was after all his desire to kick on. Again that opinion isn’t an unfair one.

Alfredo has a lot to prove but as this Rangers team evolves it is waiting on him clicking into form to really kick it on.

If Alfredo wants it then it is all still there for him.

Alfredo hasn’t been in form and featured in this side when it is functioning in maximum capabilities like it is now. Arguably when we have been underperforming Alfredo has dragged this team through, similarly when Alfredo has been underperforming this team have clicked into other gears elsewhere.

Neither have yet to meet when both have been functioning at top ability and that to me is still the most exciting prospect of this team.

We are a different conundrum for many sides now, the natural Evolvement of this team and the advanced level of performances of several players have been the catalyst for the early season form.

James Tavernier is a match winner on his own. Borna Barisic has a left foot capable of moments that win matches all on his own. Connor Goldson and Glenn Kamara have taken their games up levels that now see them bossing moments in games more consistently than ever before. Joe Aribo and Ryan Kent are now effecting games consistently with a threat we have not known before.

They are just some parts of several reasons why this team has performed so fantastically in this season so far. Clean sheets and strength in performance has been so evident, it has been all so positive.

So it seems strange to have a ‘But’ in all this but my mind can’t help shake the overriding feeling that this team still is capable of going up a level or even two.

That level for me is provided by a firing and smiling Colombian hitman, this is his team to take and when he does I get the feeling we will really kick on and kick into gear. We have threatened to steamroller a few teams and football has been levels above, there is no criticism of this team in any way.

I just feel it’s waiting for an Alfredo Morelos in his prime to really provide that cutting edge or at very least add another dimension to this newly functioning dynamic side.

It’s up to Alfredo himself but talk of his demise have been greatly over exaggerated. I’ve been in and out of love with him more times than I can count but as we head to Kilmarnock and Benfica this coming week there is only one man I want to lead my front line.

It’s a little man from the Heart of Colombia

Well done the players and management in a phenomenal start to the season, deserving of every bit of adulation and praise.

It’s not time to stop and admire anything, we have achieved nothing but given ourselves a platform to try and strengthen from.

Let’s push on even further, it is time Rangers.

Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise 🔴⚪️🔵