Time to kick on and the truth behind the taxman claims

Rangers have been in excellent form and closed the last set of fixtures with an eight goal hammering of Hamilton at Ibrox. The club and players have kicked on and are back in action this Sunday against Aberdeen at Ibrox.

Rangers have a firm standing in both our domestic and European leagues respectively with some superb form. Some individual performances have been a standard way above what we have seen recently.

Once again the challenge is to now really kick on and push on in all forthcoming tournaments.

This club needs silverware and we crave to be back as champions of this country. Rangers have been kicked and punched but we have dragged ourselves back to where is the absolute minimum for this club, setting the standards and pushing on wherever we can.

Nothing is won however, realistically we have given ourselves a three point gap and a decent opportunity in Europe. It’s a base to kick on from, no one is getting over excited and everyone is acutely aware of what happened before.

The squad is strong and being managed well but every game is tough and will be a challenge. Aberdeen have caused us huge issues in previous years and will come to Glasgow with a squad performing equally as impressively. Then Benfica come to Ibrox before the League cup challenge begins. Every game is huge and every game is vital but it is a brilliant and exciting prospect.

It has been great watching not only how we have performed attacking wise and got results, but I feel this squad is maturing and growing as a group.

When we are able to go to Parkhead, then the likes of Liege, perform our game plan to the absolute letter, with an organised and well drilled performance, it is extremely pleasing.

It is easy to be free flowing and perhaps this sounds overly confident, but I feel we should be beating teams at home, like Hamilton, convincingly. There is something extremely satisfying about the team being so organised and carrying out a game plan in games where it has been billed as challenging.

Aside of a crazy last fifteen minutes, this team went to Benfica and played some of the slickest and most satisfying football we have seen in sometime.

There will be times when we don’t quite perform as well, like Kilmarnock away, but being able to dig those games out and get the three points all builds towards the bigger picture.

We have had some fantastic individual performances from the players and the depth in the squad has been impressive. We now have a situation where when a Helander or Jack doesn’t perform we have a Balogun or Zungu waiting to do so. We have the likes of Kent, Roofe, Aribo, Morelos and Hagi all available in attacking positions whilst Defoe, Itten and Barker seem like valid options also in the squad.

Last year when we relied on Barisic, we now have a young, raw and hungry Calvin Bassey bursting to perform. Last year when we relied on Alfredo we now have many options and a style different to one we once had. Alfredo is of course a huge player but he is no longer the only option.

There is genuine strength and everyone seems to know they have to perform. Just look at Roofe vs Hamilton, he was angry and played to prove a point. That is key to what we want to achieve.

So yes it’s extremely pleasing and it has been so enjoyable. But this team still has it all to prove, we have been here before so they have to kick on and deliver. So whilst it’s positive I am not getting carried away, it is simply ok to enjoy our progress however.

The challenge and aim is 55, nobody is under any illusions.

This squad is well placed to make that a reality and if we can continue to push then we will be there or there about, but there is no room for error and starting with Sunday we must kick on once more.

I trust this squad and without getting overly excited I’m looking forward to each game as it comes.

Good luck to the squad and management as we go forward, foot down and kick on.

Now something I don’t like to do is address claims or fanatical tales from the unhinged blogging community but this one is possibly too important to ignore.

Claims that Rangers owe the taxman are true to the extent that the normal demands of a business have been made. But they are as true as any business up and down the country getting that from the government. It is nothing out of the ordinary nor is it even news worthy. How it is being spun or reported is the usual sensational nonsense we have come to expect unfortunately.

Something I don’t do is discuss any other football club but it is worth pointing out that even Celtic themselves owe £5.5m to the taxman which they have deferred until next year which is all perfectly normal and acceptable.

The difference between that news and ours is our fan base are normal and don’t care. Rangers situation will be no different and when you point out that obvious flaw in the argument, the shouts of cheating are the only place to go.

When you are met with that level of obsessive stupidity, facts can often hurt a narrative which is trying to be created, so here is a few easy points to keep in mind next time anyone talks about our finances;

Rangers turned down a £16m offer from Lille for Alfredo Morelos, we kept that in house and indeed it was their president who shared that news. We chased any interest in Ryan Kent from Leeds, a deal worth quite a few millions.

Rangers recently added a new shareholder in multi-millionaire Stuart Gibson who wrote the club a cheque for £5 million pounds with the admission that there is more available. This was done almost in good faith, again his own words, such is the strength of our executive board.

We have an executive board which is littered with respected businessmen all worth millions in their own business right, not to mention several who have huge capital behind them.

We have a new commercial deal which threatens to bring the club in a minimum £5 million pound of new revenue every season, at a minimum remember.

We are also forging on building the fantastic new Edmiston House, which will boast a concert venue of 1300 and a museum to tell our clubs fantastic story. As well as preparing for our 150th anniversary with multiple improvements in the surrounding and inner areas of Ibrox itself.

Not to mention sell out season tickets, European income and a squad recently valued at over £100m.

These are all facts. They don’t need checked or double checked, it’s public knowledge. It isn’t agenda and it isn’t trying to push a narrative. It also isn’t the actions of a club facing any sort of financial crisis. That narrative is simply false.

This club is in as good a place as possible in these times. Whilst we should always be vigilant, ask questions and will face the same tough pressures others do in this climate, we can be confident that those that run our club are doing so very much from a position of personal experience and strength. This football club is run by people with the clubs best interests and are prepared to fund that challenge.

They deserve the upmost gratitude and that is not to say we should never ask questions, we are confident in knowing they would never endanger the club or their own reputation.

Rangers will never challenge such accusations because it is pointless and will only give these wannabes the exposure they greatly desire. That is to try and start a just giving fund then rip off their fellow fans even more from the attention it would bring. ‘Donate Dear reader’

It’s a battle we will never win. You can’t rational with that logic. You can’t argue with stupid, even the facts won’t distract them.

Walter Smith once said ‘For some people Rangers Football Club is a way of life’. I have no doubt Walter was also talking about those who claim to not even support us but spend every minute of the day obsessing.

The only thing we can do as a support and a club is continue to kick on.

Concentrate on ourselves, this club and keep pushing.

This is Rangers and 55 is our only objective.

Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise 🔴⚪️🔵