Dave King and Laura Fawkes interview

We spoke and interviewed Laura and Dave this morning, this is what we asked them on behalf of the support;

1 – Can you explain the ‘Never again’ campaign and exactly what last week’s announcement was and what it means?

2 – Dave, why now and why sell to club1872? When you stepped down you said you wouldn’t be selling your shares, what has changed?

3 – Laura/Dave, What if club1872 fail to raise the money?

What happens to fans money raised at that point?

Is there a contingency plan?

Will we retain the shares?

4 – Dave, if club1872 fail to raise the funds what will you do?

Will you go elsewhere?

Would you to sell to anyone else?

5 – Dave, can you address rumours of a board room fall out?

Were you ousted from the board?

Are you at odds with the board?

Is there issues with the board or individual board members?

Did you discuss this previously with the board?

6 – Laura/Dave, can you address what happens if there is other share issues and your shares are diluted further?

Will you join in a fresh share issue?

Could that effect the amount of money needed beyond £13m?

7 – Laura, if 20k members are obtained and this goes through, are you confident of further funding requirements?

8 – Dave/Laura, many are saying £13m would be better going straight into the club, how do you respond to that?

9 – The timing of this, when things are so good, has many questioning if this is a bad time for the club as a whole?

10 – Laura/Dave, are you comfortable with club1872 current set up and management or do you concede there needs to be a ‘ramp up’ of their operations?

11 – Dave, is your investment in the club now over? What happens if we need you again?

12 – Dave, a bit more on the Rangers board, how do you think they are doing and at what point do you think we will become self sufficient?

13 – Final question, you have a £5m pound loan due to be repaid in October 2021, can you clarify the situation?

Tribute to Dave King and a thank you

Club 1872 questions

1 – People are dubious, how do you change that?

2 – Why have there been no meetings and no elections?

3 – Can you address accusations of monetary gain, i.e do you take salaries as employees?

4 – Who is behind club1872? Who else is involved in the organisation?

5 – Do you concede club1872 need to be more open, engaging with their members and deliver more governance?

Ends (90mins long)

Thank you to Dave King and Laura Fawkes for taking their time with us this morning, a podcast of 90minutes with huge talking points regarding our club.

The interview goes above and beyond, covering many issues including Sports Direct and we speak about many issues regarding the club.

Podcast will be available very soon and will be blogged entirely at the end of the week.

I hope we have asked the questions everyone wants or wanted to be asked. I appreciate some may have been missed but hopefully we have got the main ones.

Keep your eye out on our social media for release of the podcast and blog.