The pendulum has swung and this is our time

For ten years we have been kicked, battered and bruised, by everyone and anyone. Every Rangers fan has been through it, the slaggings, the criticism, being the punchline in every joke. Having to face up to it every time we enter our work or nip out the house. We have had hidings and painful defeats. We have had wrong appointments, wrong custodians and wrong people looking to prosper from our club.

It’s been difficult for everyone of us. At times it has seemed never ending.

But every one of us has kept the faith. Every one of us has remained defiant. Not once did we violently protest or throw the toys out the plan. We stood by our club and we remained full of belief.

Today as I write this blog we are in a very healthy position and we’ve given ourselves a real opportunity, but that’s all it is. We all know the pitfalls of complacency which is why everyone of us will be guarded and simply willing our team on.

After the cup defeat to St Mirren there was many who questioned this team and if they had the desire, and to be honest, the balls required to do what is necessary.

We had a small crucial period and in that time we have answered every single question thrown at us. Five wins, one goal conceded and ten scored.

Rangers stats this season aren’t a fluke, we aren’t a pub team and it isn’t fake news.

Played 22. Won 20. Drawn 2. Defeats 0

Conceded just 5. 18 clean sheets. Scored 57.

We have qualified and won our European group, unbeaten against Galatasaray, Benfica and the likes. We went to Holland, Poland, Belgium, Portugal and came back unbeaten.

We have shown the ability to batter some teams and steamroller them. We have shown the ability to grind out 1-0 wins (Killie, Hibs and them). We have shown the ability to tactically be astute. We have shown the ability to be disciplined and organised.

Let them bitch and moan about how bad we apparently are, how average we are, how our form is this and that, but there is only one stat that truly matters and it is we are nineteen points clear.


For all the narrative about domination and how teams have found us out they still can’t break us down. This team has heart, it has desire and dare I say it that we are showing the mentality that brings rewards come May.

Yesterday we faced an onslaught from a team desperate and panicked, they had to win and they threw everything at us. Despite all the narrative of how we were dominated, after the 21st minute they didn’t register a meaningful effort on target and our outstanding goalkeeper was untroubled.

See this team know they are good. This team know they will get opportunities. We simply dug in, kept in the game and when we really needed moments of magic our big players came through.

Our captain, our leader and our talisman James Tavernier was quiet yesterday. Defensively he was very good. But going forward he was quiet until he smelt blood then we went for it and it changed our side completely.

He started breaking forward, he started dominating the ball and it was his pass that led to the red card. It was his run that led to the Barisic free kick and it was his cross that led to the goal.

It isn’t a fluke when you score a goal like that because the delivery is so good.

Indeed we should have been ahead when his delicious free kick was missed by everyone. But when we needed that drive, that quality and that little moment our captain stepped up once again.

This guy deserves every bit of credit and praise.

James Tavernier; our leader and our captain.

As for Alfredo, the loser, the waster, the serial ‘this and that’ he is so in their heads that he forced Biton to rip him down and produce a certain red. For all they might slag or criticise Alfredo, he is so far in their heads and occupies defenders, that they don’t even realise how much that consumption really hurts them, as you saw when the red card incident happened.

Forget the rubbish, it was a stone wall red card and the gap between the defenders was never being made up, in fact Ajer was closer to the Louden Tavern than he was Alfredo.

In the end the good guys came through and every one of us deserves this moment for sheer guts and loyalty alone.

It is a beautiful moment.

The fact they are bitching, moaning and crying makes it even more delightful. They battered us apparently, they were magnificent apparently, they were the best team apparently. What do thet get for it?

Absolutely nothing and inject that pain right into all our veins. ‘Those bastards won without a shot on target’. Delightful.

This Rangers team deserve every credit, every bit of praise and furthermore every bit of support as we now enter another important part of the season. Time to really put the foot down and kick on Rangers.

Yesterday was a tribute to our loved ones who never made it home 50 years ago. When the time is right and we can once again, this club will mark it as we should. They are always remembered and never forgotten. It is for them that we carry our badge for the club we love.

Enjoy the moment, everyone of us deserves it and stand tall wherever we go.

This is our team, this is our city, this is our country and We are the people.

The Pendulum has swung. Now let’s really kick on, really put the foot down and let’s bring it home.

This is our time.

Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise 🔴⚪️🔵