Silence from the governing body placemen and just where is the compliance officer?

Sunday was a warning for everyone at Rangers; let your standards drop and teams will push you all the way. We weren’t up to scratch against Motherwell which given such a positive result and performance (albeit in patches) in Aberdeen was disappointing.

Social media over reaction is to expected when it comes to our club but perspective is always needed. Sure it was poor, we didn’t hit our heights and individually it could be so much better. That’s for the manager to ensure it doesn’t become a regular occurrence, now is not the time to show any complacency as the run in and objective is clear.

Everyone of us said if we got to end of January, with no major damage done, then we would be overjoyed. So far we have negotiated Celtic, Aberdeen and Motherwell whilst gaining five points on second place. That to me is good going so far.

That doesn’t disguise the fact Sunday was an opportunity missed to gain a further two points but no damage was done either. Individually we can expect better from the players but I will guess the manager will be quick to tell them so.

We have three league games in relatively quick succession and those nine points will go a long way to sending Rangers towards the title and number 55, that has to be the immediate focus.

We will need to up our performance levels to do that but this team has responded well every time this season. I want ruthlessness, I want them to really kick on and push everything out their way to regain our title.

Rangers have been almost immaculate this season. In the league we have swept everyone out the way. Three draws and every one of them we arguably could and should have won. If the team continue at this rate we won’t be stopped. The League cup is the only blemish and a difficult one granted.

It’s all there for them, everyone of them can be legends and propel themselves into Rangers history. Performances like Sunday, particularly the first half, won’t help that cause but the form outwith that will.

Play up the Glasgow Rangers, your time is most definitely now.

Meanwhile over the other side of Glasgow a mini meltdown, again, has ensued.

The arrogance of a club who has been given everything on a plate for ten years is now shining through.

Bullying? Don’t make me laugh

We have a governing body who go out their way to protect and cover things up for that club.

Ask yourself this; just where is the compliance officer? We know Clare Whyte is due to quit but does that mean it’s just a free for all?

Neil Lennon’s post match referee rant after the Old Firm has been conveniently swept under the carpet. We were told Edouard’s Dundee United assault couldn’t be answered because the offices were shut over the festivities, well they are open now and where have they been?

That’s not to mention the laughable outburst from the other day?

The sense of entitlement is unbelievable. The Government have basically asked the bumbling offices of Hampden to look into their actions and still they have been ignored.

It is absolutely no coincidence that ‘Null and void’ chat started after Peter’s embarrassing apology was slated by everyone. Out comes Doncaster in the Record to cover up his masters embarrassment.

Does anyone think that Sky, who made it clear wouldn’t financially help the EPL last year in such an event, would suddenly facilitate a Null and void event here in this game? No they wouldn’t and such an event would crush our game. Doncaster was acting on orders like the puppet he is, it’s not even remotely a likely outcome.

The truth of the matter is this governing body is full of placemen and people not interested in doing their jobs unless it suits their master.

I have no sympathy for the Kilmarnock’s and St Johnstone’s of our league who are now pleading for help or being publicly criticised. You were only pawns in a game last March and you were warned well in advance.

In fact this club warned you all and offered to pay for an independent investigation. I wonder how many lower league clubs, who have been well screwed over to cover for the actions of one club and their selfish trip to Dubai, would change their tune?

You reap what you sow and you were all warned.

Rangers, get your foot down and bring this title home, it may just be the sweetest one.

Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise 🔴⚪️🔵