The ineptitude of the governing bodies won’t derail our title charge

Everywhere in the world during 2020 the football Governing bodies stopped and took their time. Covid-19 was an unprecedented situation which many associations had to try and deal with best they could. The major leagues took their time and waited patiently to finish leagues on the pitch.

This country awarded leagues and relegated teams in the cruelest of fashion. They handed out titles based on crocked votes and misplaced emails. Make no mistake about it, our governing body is full of place men and incompetence which filters throughout the whole set up.

In what major leagues would teams be promised players and glorified friendlies if they voted a certain way?

The whole thing was a farcical mess and titles weren’t won, they were awarded in a shroud of contempt for the footballing name.

No sponsors, no structure and clear discrepancies in how they deal with one situation to the next. Last year was a small insight into the bigger picture of the blazers that run the Scottish game.

Rangers tried to implement change. We offered to pay for independent enquiries into the running of the game but sadly other teams, with the exception of only a handful, failed to listen. The rest were driven by self gain and financial dependency.

So when we see teams and players suffer from poor governance then don’t expect anybody from our fanbase or our club to offer you sympathy. The facts are we offered to help, you laughed in our face and weren’t interested, don’t expect our sympathy now.

You reap what you sow.

So that takes us to where we are now. All of a sudden there is an outcry into standards of refereeing and incidents that are getting missed.

Rangers have had decisions that have went for them this season, they have some that have went against them. Every single club are the same.

On Tuesday night one team benefited from a red card being missed, a penalty awarded for a dive and an offside goal. That’s huge in the race for second and a champions league spot, I don’t hear any outcry or anyone feeling sorry for those teams chasing second place.

The honest truth is Rangers are the premier club in this country and we are the biggest news. That’s the simple facts. When you look at Sky Tv and their coverage, the infatuation with the media non entities who use our club to stay relevant and the opposing fans who spend their time talking about us, the answer is all the same.

It’s all about the Rangers.

But what people fail to realise and what people fail to grasp is we wanted change, we wanted governing improvements and structural change. That would have led to better sponsorships, better running of the game and better refereeing standards.

We pushed for that and nobody listened.

So if we do gain from some of that incompetence then that isn’t on Rangers.

The facts are we are seeing the discrepancies in how the ‘compliance officer’ system works and this club are getting punished whilst others don’t.

Our club are fighting and working towards a better a system behind the scenes. It may not be what fans want or the public pursuit some crave, but it is necessary whilst we push to implement change which will help this country.

All of it however is just noise, a side show and will never deflect from what is really happening.

Rangers are going to win this league and when we do it won’t be for any other reason than we are the best team in the country.

We have the best players, management and we implement it properly.

You will notice the lack of controversy in Europe where we have also flourished. It isn’t our fault that Scotland is riddled with incompetence.

Indeed this club tried to change it. So yes moan, cry and whinge all you want but get used to one clear fact.

Rangers are going to win this league title and be crowned champions for the 55th time, nothing you can do or say will change that.

This last week has been a busy one for the club as we welcomed new signings Scott Wright, Jack Simpson and Nnamdi Ofoborh.

Out going players Glenn Middleton, Jordan Jones, Brandon Barker and George Edmundson all left on loan deals in what is smart business for the club.

We have trimmed the squad and enhanced it with quality young promising players. Wright and Simpson go straight into the squad for Europe and Ofoborh will join in the summer after valuable playing time with Wycombe.

It’s smart business and it’s welcomed. Rangers are a big club acting and planning like a big club. I am sure the training and management of this football club will progress all three for minimal costs and outlay. That’s our whole structure and business plan being placed before us all.

Buy small, progress and flourish before attracting bigger bids then starting all over again.

Borna Barisic and Glenn Kamara are proof to that.

It’s a huge credit and sure we have to see how the players respond but it’s wonderful to see a structure and strategy in place.

Ross Wilson is doing a fine job and he runs a very tight ship. January was quiet and effective, minimal fuss and minimal noise. Remember the days of everything being leaked?

This club is now a well oiled and functioning unit. We are behaving like the big team we are.

Indeed like Champions in waiting, on and off the pitch.

Rangers recorded another very good victory last night against tough opposition in St Johnstone. The Saints were on the back of a very good run and booking a place in the league cup final.

All credit to them I thought they were very good.

They still couldn’t stop Rangers however. Even not in our fluent best, we still should have been three up at half time if Roofe, Goldson and Tavernier had converted clear opportunities.

It took a moment of individual brilliance from Ianis Hagi to win the points and outstanding goalkeeping from Allan McGregor to ensure them.

Two players who have peaked in recent weeks and done very well. They deserve huge credit.

It was a hard working performance but showed a different side to the club. Our sixth 1-0 win in the league this season, 7th overall and our eleventh win by a single goal this season.

We asked for a team full of determination, we asked for a team full of grit and with individual and collective brilliance. We have got that and we are continuing to thrive in our quest for the championship.

Let others moan, bitch and cry all they like.

We will concentrate on ourselves.

Win the next five games and we may very well find ourselves with a party in the East End and the most satisfying of moments in a country which will despise every second of what’s coming.

Sit back and enjoy it.

It’s coming home and no one can stop it.

Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise 🔴⚪️🔵