A tribute to the Champions, A tribute to you – one day to go

Tomorrow will mark ten years to the day that Rangers demolished Kilmarnock 1-5 at Rugby Park in a seven minutes that’s not been witnessed since. Kyle Lafferty was the hero that day, traditionally having turned up triumphantly in the title home stretch.

Not one person, in the stands or wearing blue that day, would have envisaged the torture that was imminently awaiting on the horizon. Little did we know that we would wait ten long years to feel that moment once again.

We all know what happened as the following season Rangers were dragged to the very depths by men with only their pockets as a concern. Years of lower league struggles, rarely fun if truth be told, brought us to 2015 when finally a boardroom struggle would put the proper men in place.

That four years was an emotional turmoil with headlines and sensational claims never far away. Rangers were inches from having the wrong people get their claws in once more and who knows where that would have ended.

2015 signified the start of a proper come back yet none of us would have envisaged us having several more years to wait. But the power struggles were necessary and amongst the most important in the clubs history. I shudder to think what would have happened if they had not managed that take over.

Then came the Warburton years which brought us sensational highs and terrible lows before he bailed out and found himself in Nottingham.

Then there was the turbulent Caixinha spell which was destined to fail from word go. Sandwiched in between two caretaker Murty spells, which threatened slight sprouts of recovery, only to be met with ultimate failure.

Then it happened, three years ago Steven Gerrard arrived and everything began to build towards tomorrow. We had hope again and genuine hope, not hope because we wanted to hope.

It was Steven Gerrard after all. We were in love instantly and even if it hasn’t been all plain sailing he has brought the standards back to the club.

What’s more important is that Steven Gerrard gets it. He may not have started out as a Ranger but he has ended up the very one we not only hoped for, but the one we needed.

Rangers are Champions and we deserve every single moment of that achievement. The management, the boardroom and the players have been sensational in pulling the club back to where we belong.

And this IS where we belong, Champions of Scotland.

The players have been sensational and given us moments to savour and remember. Who can forget that moment that Kemar Roofe smashed one in from the half way line to seal a glorious European victory in Liege. Or the moment when Connor Goldson scored twice to win the first old firm.

Or the McGregor saves, the Hagi magic or the Morelos moments. The Borna baller, the Heroic Helander and sensational feet of Aribo. The trickery of Ryan Kent, the magnificence of Davis and the twist of Kamara.

All lead by a captain in the form of his life. Rubbished by some and questioned by many, he has risen up to lead this team to championship success on a scale we didn’t think possible. That’s a captain, that’s a Ranger and like everyone else will be a legend of 55.

They have created a legacy, now it’s time to cement one.

But none of it would have been possible without you and without us. Everyone who has bought merchandise, everyone of us who has bought tickets or renewed their season ticket.

Every single one of us who refused to shy away from the club when it would have been easier to save the slaggings or workplace torture. Every person who kept faith and followed on. To every supporter who wore their colours and told our story.

For Walter as he recovers.

To any person who has put their head up above the parapet and spoke about their club, whether to fight on the club shop steps, create an SOS movement, or host a podcast or youtube show talking about our club. To the folk that have taken their buses to back and beyond, only to do it all over again. To the boys in the corner who make the noise and displays. You know who you are.

To our absent friends who are with us in our hearts and watching from above.

Everything has been done for love. Everything has been done for Rangers.

It’s not just a club, It’s a way of life, we are a family.

Because this is OUR club and this us our moment. So enjoy every single minute of it because this is our time. We have waited so long and been through every emotion.

But it’s here and it is now. James Tavernier will follow in legendary captains shoes of Barry Ferguson, Richard Gough and John Greig for a moment he deserves on guts alone.

Thank you Steven Gerrard, the management team, the boardroom and the players. You have given us something I don’t even think you realise how much it means, because it really does mean everything. Thank you to the investors who have made it all possible with unwavering support, your dedication and efforts magnificent in stature.

To the fans and everyone that reads this, live it and enjoy the moment, we deserve it.

One day to go 🏆

We are Rangers, we are Champions and we are the People.

Rangers Football Club Champions for a record 55th time.

Where we belong

Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise 🔴⚪️🔵