New share issue, season tickets close to a sell out, our board and fan media

Rangers have faced a torrent of abuse on the back of our history making invincible season. We have had to sit and wait through the attacks, knowing they have an agenda and motive behind them. Rangers and our support haven’t been allowed to enjoy our title without every criticism being thrown our way.

People have taken the side of hatred with the default ‘all things Rangers are bad’. The problem is, even when that’s proven to be false, that they can’t back down and that narrative continues. The recent Tiktok embarrassment is a clear indication of that exact default position. I’m glad Rangers are looking at legal action and I hope those so vocal are made to legally answer for their vendetta.

It’s almost been forgotten that the team clinched our 55th title in emphatic style with an invincible league campaign. Those within Ibrox haven’t forgotten however. Every focus is now on building for the future and more immediately our 150th anniversary.

Today’s huge news regarding an impending share issue is another step towards that. You can register your interest below.

This board have consistently stepped up with self funding and constant improvement of the club. I see today’s news as another huge positive towards that.

Supporters will now have the chance to purchase shares directly and invest in the future of the club.

The ‘ordinary’ supporter like myself can now directly own a bit of our club and become a shareholder. It’s worth remembering that for this venture every shareholder will lose out as their investment decreases as fresh shares are created for the support to purchase.

This board continues to back the club and put Rangers first. We now have a club future which includes fans being holders of major shares in their own name. The club continue to strive and we now have a team to compliment it on the pitch.

Our board will get nothing but praise and credit from me. They have stepped up every time, gone above and beyond with funding especially during a difficult last few years through the global pandemic. Have they always got it right? No they haven’t, but for every mistake they have came back stronger.

Rangers have plans like the new Edmiston house project. We have aspirations to update the stadium. Having created a legacy on the pitch, the board are committed to helping cement that now with further success.

There has already been an incredible uptake of Edmiston house packages with over 1500 sold. But it’s season ticket numbers which defy all logic with 98% of uptake renewed by the supporters. Less than 900 supporters have so far not renewed which is simply sensational numbers.

Not only is that incredible support to the team, it also is magnificent loyalty by our support who continue to back the club at every turn.

I’m thankful for those that run our club and I’m proud of our loyal fanbase.

Coming soon on the blog will be an interview with James Bisgrove, who is a welcoming and classy individual. It is clear the fantastic job he is doing both commercially and financially for the football club. We’ll discuss Edmiston House, the growth in the commercial department under his leadership and his aims for the club commercially as a whole.

A huge thank you to Greg Marshall and the Rangers media team for organising the interview, in particular David Graham.

At this point I’d like to thank Rangers and David for their assistance in not only organising the interview, but his ongoing support of myself and the blog. Despite returning Media access last summer, the club have remained supportive, and in contact, of what I do. They have invited me along to various supporters meetings and club initiatives, remaining in dialogue throughout.

That has been appreciated, especially after a summer last year when I was as struggling personally and manipulated by people and organisations, that should know better, to the detriment of my relationship with the club. A lot of people were desperate for me to rubbish our club, Castore and take advantage of me deciding to give up my press access. The truth is privately I was struggling personally, made mistakes and couldn’t commit as I wanted. There was no big fall out as many speculated.

Aside of that, I have spoken to the club throughout and take responsibility for stepping away, I just wasn’t ready. I am just a small blog but the club have been supportive of what I do. We (as a society) speak about mental health and supporting people, well I’m not an employee of the club but they have supported me like one.

Why tell you this?

Because people should know just how supportive our club have been in a situation they didn’t have too. I’m very thankful for that. But it’s not only the club, David Edgar of Heart and Hand has been encouraging of everything I have done. Persuading me to continue and inviting me to do Podcasts on his platform. As well as the support of everyone who has read the blogs, enjoys the content and my friends closest to me. That’s a Rangers family we should be proud of and one I am very thankful for.

Despite what people try to portray, the truth is our club are professionally run throughout, from the boardroom, media to the commercial department, right down to the academy. Commercially we are light years ahead of where we were and still building. As a boardroom we are facilitating our growth recovery and still building, with a new Edmiston house, Ibrox expansion and all whilst backing the team on the pitch.

What Rangers have done as a club is strengthen in house media with excellent coverage and welcomed fan media access, that can only be taken as a positive. I’m delighted and fortunate that 4lads has been invited into that, from allowing access like the upcoming interviews and during the last year.

In Media we face our toughest challenge. But we now have a club prepared to stand up to papers and organisations who unfairly criticise us. For all the criticism David Graham has received publicly, he has stood up and strengthened relationships with the likes of ITV news in Peter Adam Smith and STV with Raman Bhardwaj for example, not to mention Sky TV, look at the coverage of the Glen Kamara incident for example. If the coverage is balanced and fair then you will get the access and coverage you desire.

I won’t criticise anyone for standing up and banning the tabloids, for their coverage of the club, when it is so unfairly balanced. Why should we facilitate those who go after our club? Just look at the headlines and coverage in recent weeks.

A lot of negative coverage has been given but the truth is far from that. Big things are coming to the club and we will be strengthening the squad further as we defend our title. Ibrox Expansion has been discussed, a new state of the art pitch is in construction, Edmiston house with a modern day Museum and concert venue is underway and much more is planned as we head towards our 150th anniversary.

I’m pro this club and I’m pro Rangers, but I’m also excited about the future. Why shouldn’t we be? We are Champions and striving everyday to achieve our potential. Rangers are behaving like the big club we are both on and off the pitch.

As the manager said, it’s only just the beginning. Not only is that for the team on the pitch, that is for the whole club as we strive towards new adventures in time for our 150th anniversary.

Here’s looking forward to exciting times for our club.

Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise 🔴⚪️🔵