Transfer window, hypocrisy from the Government and the new home top is launched

As July approaches and the players start returning to training it is inevitable that the transfer rumours will begin to intensify. This last week has seen Rangers players being linked with some players as well as some being linked with the exit door.

It’s the same every summer and one sensationalist article can set a narrative to send the support into a frenzy one way or another.

I have learned not to get up nor down either way because the truth is that no one knows what is going on at Ibrox, except a select few inside the club. The days of transfer rumours, with substance, are largely gone and in general Rangers business is done quietly behind the scenes.

Boring for the support? Arguably. However it can be equally as exciting when the surprise announcements do come from the club.

Rangers will do business, Ross Wilson has already confirmed that but it is very much a case of small numbers compared with the huge rebuilds of previous summers. As Champions that is our right. We can still strengthen and I remain confident we will.

Players heading out is slightly different because we know that agents will use the media to negotiate best possible deals and I believe that is what we are seeing with Alfredo Morelos now. I don’t believe we would consider a £5m drop in asking price in a year when Alfredo has posted good numbers and been part of a championship winning Rangers side.

There will be a lot of that in the coming months but nothing will be done unless it is in the best interests of the club.

I’m entirely relaxed about the team and where we are. If players go then it will be on our say so and at a deal we are comfortable with. I don’t believe any players will go or be forced into a sale below our preferred market value. We have spent a long time putting ourselves in a position to trade with actual assets, I don’t see us allowing ourselves to sell below our valuations and set a precedent going forward.

We do have players teams will want. If James Tavernier, Borna Barisic, Connor Goldson, Glenn Kamara, Ryan Kent, Alfredo Morelos or Ianis Hagi became available (to name but a few) then we could quite easily look for big money for every single one.

The club can afford to be patient and deal when they are ready. The board, management and Ross Wilson should be allowed that trust given the position they have helped put us in. I’m delighted with how the club now do their business and the days of chasing stories or the deals are completely gone.

It will be an interesting few months ahead, it always is, and we can be sure transfers will happen. We might lose a hero but we might gain a few more also. That’s life at Rangers.

It will only happen when the club are ready and decide however, until then it’s all noise that’s only worth taking seriously when the club announce it.

It’s been a few short months since we have seen the reaction to our support celebrating our title win. The agenda and narrative was desperately pushed and elected MSP’s have now dug theirselves a position they refuse to back down from.

We all know who they are, as much as they know exactly what they were doing at the time they pretended to be so mock offended.

The same people who got so upset at some litter and a small amount of social unrest, now completely refuse to condemn similar scenes elsewhere. Headlines are completely different and those quick to put the boot into Rangers, seem completely oblivious now.

I don’t want a coverage that is biased. It was right to criticise the small element who behaved poorly but everything in context and the same level playing field would be fair. But we can’t see that from these people because they refuse to be anything other than biased.

The fiasco over a fake tiktok was beyond farcical. But it was an opportunity they took because they knew the damage it would cause. That’s the problem when you can’t look at anything objectively, start from a position of bigoted hatred and refuse to back down. It is of no surprise or coincidence that the main antagonists are Celtic supporters.

It is now known and confirmed the video is fake so where is the statements? The apologies? If they are so concerned about the video and bigotry why are they not so vocal in trying to catch the person who did actually do this?

It’s hard not to come to the conclusion it’s because it’s no longer of interest. The chance to hurt Rangers has been taken.

Would they use their position to try and damage the Rangers brand over a fake video that everyone knew immediately was a nonsense?

It certainly looks like it.

Would they do similar or be as vocal if it was their team or even the national side? No they wouldn’t and we have already seen a complete lack of comment on recent events in London.

It’s difficult not to come to the conclusion that this has everything to do with the colours we wear and a fake war waged by Celtic supporters in a position of power their intelligence should never have managed.

Rangers launched the new home top this Saturday past and early sales have been incredible. Our support sold out season tickets so it should be no surprise that they queued round Ibrox from early AM just to get their hands on the new strip.

You can get the new strip direct from the club at the below locations.

📍Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow, G51 2XD.

📍Buchanan Galleries, Glasgow, G2 3GF.

📍Belfast, Donegal Place, BT1 5LD.

Online from here

Gold lettering and logos as a hat tip to our 150th year with a subtle pin stripe design. It’s a cracker and will be a huge favourite that’s for sure.

The away strip launches next month.

Finally a small promotion for friend of the blog Jeff Holmes who recently added to his list of Rangers books with the sensational ‘Just Champion’ book.

You can order the book from Jeff’s website here and help relive the story of our 55th title victory. £1.50 from every sale goes straight to RYDC as an added incentive.

Jeff said “ When I interviewed John Gilligan and, later, Paul Murray, I realised there was a distinctive correlation between the 2015 EGM and this seasons title. Without one you don’t have the other, was the general train of thought. When I interviewed Dave King, for me, the story was complete. It was Mission Accomplished”

“Quite early on I decided the contributors should be an eclectic mix of the Rangers family: ex players, coaches, managers, directors, politicians, celebs, supporters etc, and I’m delighted with the finished article, as I believe there’s a thorough representation of views”

“I picked 25 key games and asked each contributor to cast their eye over one. It was never going to be a forensic study of the game, but a couple of hundred words on the footie and then their story; how they got into Rangers etc. I think I ended up with something which was a good account of 55 but also a book which is readable and hopefully a few nuggets in there that they didn’t know of”

Jeff has been a keen reader and supporter of the blog for fund raising etc, I thoroughly recommend checking out this book as a great look at how 55 was delivered.

Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise 🔴⚪️🔵