SPFL incompetence is clear again as they attempt to publicly go after our club

Rangers look set for another very public fight against our governing bodies at the SPFL and it is as unnecessary as it is boring for everyone. We have been here before of course last summer and everyone knows how that went.

Like then, this is a very similar situation and it is playing out very publicly.

Incase you have missed it all, a very quick synopsis is that the SPFL announced a ‘record breaking’ sponsorship deal with Cinch. Rangers have not provided Cinch with Shirt sponsorship, we also haven’t used their logo or announced a Cinch man of the match (basically sponsorship requirements).

The reason for this is because Rangers argue it conflicts with our own sponsorship deals. Under SPFL own rules Rangers are quite in their rights to do this.

Rule 17.1 which protects Rangers stance.

Rangers have been in dialogue with the SPFL for some time and PRIOR to this deal being signed, Rangers alerted the Governing bodies to our situation and that we would be NOT be able to comply with this new sponsorship.

The SPFL proceeded to ignore Rangers and sign it anyway. Rangers simply followed the rules and correctly applied the SPFL’s own rules and guidelines.

Despite the quickly developing narrative, Rangers have complied with every SPFL rule and have done absolutely nothing wrong.

So Saturday comes and as Rangers previously advised we didn’t offer Cinch any sponsorship rights because it conflicts with our own sponsorship deals already in place. We are covered by the SPFL’s own law 17.1 (above)

What has then happened is SPFL ‘chief’ Murdo MacLennan has then written to all other 41 Scottish League clubs to share his thoughts on the matter and make Rangers seem in the wrong.

This is clearly an attempt to paint Rangers as the bad guys and try to turn the other league teams against us.

It is the exact same scenario as last summer when the SPFL don’t seem to get their own way, they immediately apply undue pressure and attempt to create a situation against one of it’s member clubs.

There are several things to consider in this;

1. Why did the SPFL go on with the deal if Rangers had already made their position clear?

2. Did they think they could do it anyway and bully Rangers into it with pressure from other clubs?

3. Why go to the clubs for a situation you were already aware of and attempt to turn them against Rangers?

4. Why leak this to the press and attempt further pressure on one of your member clubs?

Rangers have in turn written to all the clubs to clarify our position;

Rangers position is quite clear and the fact that we have went out our way to try and privately find a solution, privately try to deal with this situation, shows that the SPFL are determined yet again to try and paint Rangers in a bad light.

The facts are that Rangers notified the SPFL immediately that we could not comply with the SPFL new deal and they signed it anyway.

That’s not on Rangers, that’s on their own incompetence and the fact they have since tried to get help and promote a public pile on, is nothing short of absolutely embarrassing.

Rangers have once again been caught in a situation where the SPFL will try and force teams to do what they like, just like last summer when teams were told if they didn’t accept the SPFL closing the season they would get no money.

It’s also worth remembering Rangers have privately tried to sort this and avoid such a public scenario. It is confusing somewhat that the SPFL have encouraged the exact opposite.

Surely the Governing bodies of our game haven’t just taken the deal, thought to themselves we’ll force Rangers into it anyway?

When this deal ultimately collapses, which it looks likely because SPFL can’t stick to it’s terms, then perhaps other clubs will begin to wake up that this Governing body isn’t fit for purpose.

Only an incompetent regime would carry on after being warned that a member club wouldn’t be able to comply with the terms of a new sponsorship and hope they could force it’s member club into it regardless.

Someone really ought to have an investigation into matters at Hampden and decide if those, so handsomely paid, are competent in their roles in Scottish Football.

If only someone had come forward to suggest this….

Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise 🔴⚪️🔵