5 stars corner – A quick chat with Jorg Albertz

I was delighted to be able to sit down and put some questions to one of my all time Rangers favourites. Jorg Albertz hammered his way into everyone of our hearts when he joined Rangers in our quest for Nine in a row. One thunderous New year free kick later and a hero was well and truly born.

He has not forgot Scotland or Rangers either and his eyes light up as he begins to reminisce over the goals and the trophies.

Rangers are still very much in his heart. So what exactly does Jorg make of Rangers now?

Jorg on the season start, the Old firm win and European aims;

“Well I think the season we just had there was a beautiful run in Europe and of course domestically in the league it was so strong and an unbelievable achievement”

“It’s very hard to repeat that, it is not normal to be unbeaten, and already it is gone but the start otherwise wasn’t too bad”

“Champions league is always difficult and there was some real difficult circumstances behind it”

“The Old Firm win will lift everyone and keep the boys going. We need to get the points now consistently and with a good run in Europe, that’s now the aim. But the Old Firm was very good against all the odds”

“European Run starts against Lyon and that will give them the broad Shoulders. Maybe that will kick off another long European run from there”

“It’s going to be a long season but to get 56 home is the aim and I’m sure we can do it”

What about settling in at a club like Rangers Jorg and what advice would you give to our new signings?

“Expectations at Rangers are very high of course and it’s not easy to come to the Scottish league and say ‘Well here I am’ and play a little bit. It’s a fight, you have to dig in and battle. I loved it immediately and fell in love with the club from word go”

“I know the boys will already have the club in their heart and do everything they possibly can to be a success.”

“It won’t be an easy task because it is demanding, but I think if they give everything then the supporters will see that even if they aren’t playing at their absolute best”

“Play for the jersey, even if not at your best, and give it your everything. Then the supporters will see that and they will take you on as well”

“I don’t think there is any problems for the players when they do this and then it becomes easy to settle in”

“Do whatever you can and always give 100%, that’s the most important thing that you know the expectations are very high”

“It’s Rangers, we want to win trophies, we want a good run in Europe and to challenge the big clubs. But with this Rangers and Steven Gerrard, they will be well aware of that”

Jorg on Filip Helander, Old Firm goals and the hero status that beckons;

“I know Filip Helander is a big, strong and good defender, he would be tough to play against”

“Of course everyone will love him now! What a header it was and there is no nicer feeling than scoring against Celtic. I cherish everyone of my goals, they are special moments”

“It’s great for the supporters, immediately you are in their hearts and there is no better place to be. It’s brilliant for us as players and it is such an amazing feeling”

“I wish he will score many, many, more goals against Celtic. Even more than me’”

“But the most important thing is as long as someone is scoring them then that will suit me just fine”

“I will always love this club”

Jorg Albertz ladies and gentlemen.

What a player and what a gentleman. Still speaks so well of Rangers and even in the briefest of conversations, he is warm, friendly and keen to discuss ‘his’ club.

I grew up watching that left foot ‘Hammer’ it’s way into the Hall of fame and Rangers history books. Nine in a row, Trebles and goals, Jorg did it all.

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Huge thank you to Graeme Clark and of course Jorg Albertz for his time to speak with me.

I hope everyone enjoyed

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