Meeting Rangers no 1 Jenna Fife

Rangers Womens team have so far soundly beaten every team that has stepped in front of them. With maximum points and a goal difference of plus thirty, the teams early form has been mightily impressive.

Huge victories over Aberdeen and Partick Thistle in recent weeks have only strengthened thoughts that this may be the year the team take home the ultimate prize, but the season defining games will be against Glasgow City and Celtic.

Those were the key games last year and the team fell just short. It’s Glasgow City away on Sunday before an Old firm League and cup double header which follows.

The team are better placed with new signings like Jane Ross showing early form and others like Rachel McLauchlan beginning to consistently thrive.

This Rangers team is full of character and is certainly ready for the big challenges ahead. So I spoke with our no 1 goalkeeper Jenna Fife and asked her all about her teammates, training and life at Rangers.

Hi Jenna, thanks for talking to me today ahead of the Teams huge games coming up!

JF – Hi Stevie, looking forward to it

Q – Who are you closest too in the dressing room?

Me and Lizzie (Arnott) played in the same team when we were 10 years old and she’s been one of my best friends ever since, so I would say her.

Q – Who is the Dressing room DJ?

We’ve got a few, but probably Bri (Captain Brianna Westrup) most of the time.

Q – Who is the Dressing room motivator? Loudest etc?

Megan Cunningham or Nic Docherty.

Q – How do you get focused, do you have a match day ritual or music you like to listen too?

Just music pre match for me. Don’t have to many rituals or superstitions.

Q – Who has the best dress sense? Who has the worst?

Best I would say Brogan (Hay) because she always has the best shoes. Can’t say we have a worst dressed, I think we are a well dressed team!

Q – Who takes longest to get ready?!

Chelsea (Cornet) takes ages!!!

Q – Chips and Hame! What’s your favourite cheat night snack or is is truly Chips and Hame after games?!

My favourite cheat night snack has to be pizza so pizza and hame for me!

Getting down to business now-

Q – Your journey as a GK, now Rangers no 1 and Scotland international, you have made tremendous progress in your career, how excited are you about the ‘now’ in your career and enjoying things presently?

I am really enjoying football at the moment and would say right now is the most I have ever enjoyed football in my career so far. The ambitions we have as a team and that I have personally motivate me everyday to go and work my hardest and really enjoy the challenge that football brings.

Q – The team have been in sensational early form, what has been the key to this success so far?

I think everything has clicked in place so far this season. The coaching staff have worked really hard with us on our style of play and identity on the training pitch and the players have really bought into it. The versatility and depth of our squad also gives us plenty of different options which is so important.

Q – Being number 1, you see everything infront of you, how impressed have you been with the squad and the form in front of you?

Ye I have been so impressed with our start to the season and our form can’t be faulted. That’s credit to all players and staff who work so hard day in day out in preparation for Sundays. We now need to keep the momentum we have built so far this season into the upcoming games.

Q – In terms of squad depth, the team seem to have much more options especially with the emergence of younger talent and new signings, how have the new players settled into the squad?

Yeah definitely, this team is full of talent and every single player brings something different to the team. We have a great mix of youth and experience which I think is so important.

The young players bring so much enthusiasm and energy and have big careers ahead of them. The new players have been great, they fit in straight away and offer a lot on and off the pitch. We’ve got multiple options in every position on the pitch so it must be so difficult for the manager to pick a team on a Sunday!

Q – Seasons are often defined by key phases of games, this is no different as three huge games against our main rivals is upon us, how excited are you for these?

Can’t wait for these games coming up, they are the first games I look for when the fixtures come out and we are looking forward to the challenge ahead. We certainly believe we have the potential within this squad to win these types of games but we need to go and prove this come match day but as a squad we are ready and excited for the coming weeks.

Q – As Rangers number one, sometimes games aren’t always the busiest, have you had to adapt your mindset to cope with that so that you are ready for that one moment in games compared with more busy moments?

Yeah definitely, the mental side of the game is massive for a goalkeeper and never more so than when playing for a team like rangers, where chances for the opposition are few and far between.

It’s so important to maintain concentration for the full game and be ready for the big moments when they do arise. I knew coming to a club like Rangers that this would be the case and I enjoy the challenge and make sure I’m ready.

Q – In terms of your own growth and development, Rangers have spent a lot on the womens team to give the platform it has, how proud are you of the growth of this team not only on the park but off it as the womens game begins to thrive?

Ever since joining rangers in January 2020 I have loved every minute of playing for this club. I am so proud to be able to say I’m a Rangers player and to be part of the first professional set up at this club.

Q – In terms of Rangers set up, the training ground etc, how much do you enjoy that and can you tell us a little but about a normal working week?

It’s great being in at the training ground full time. The facilities are incredible and we’re so lucky to be able to train in such an elite environment. We train 4 days a week in the lead up to a game on a Sunday. Training includes match prep on the pitch, physical development in the gym and analysis meetings.

Q – Steven Gerrard and the Mens side, do you ever have much interaction with them and how are they with the team in general with you, for example do the GKs ever offer a word of encouragement?

Obviously with covid it has been difficult for us to really interact with the mens team. However, Steven Gerrard did a zoom call with us over lockdown which was really insightful and we also went to watch the mens first team in training a couple weeks ago, so that side of things has been great and a real learning experience for us as a team.

Q – Finally good luck with the big games and is there a message to the fans ahead of action coming up?

We’ve loved having fans back in at the training centre this season and we appreciate all the support we get.

Thanks for the continued support and hopefully see you at the upcoming games!

Huge thanks to Jenna Fife, the Rangers media team and we wish all the team a huge good luck ahead of the big clashes ahead.

Tickets remain available at time of writing for this weekends big game at Petershill park between the top two. Head over to Glasgow city’s website to secure a ticket.