Rangers hit financial jackpot and look to freshen squad for title charge

Nathan Patterson will this week complete a move to Everton setting a new record transfer sale for the club. The ongoing deal finally reached an agreement this weekend after Everton met Rangers sell on clause for any future deal.

Rangers will bank over £9m immediately from the deal, straight into the clubs bank account. Almost £3m will then be paid in instalments with another £4m possibly available depending on certain transfer clauses being met. Rangers could earn £16m plus a considerable sell on clause from this deal, huge money for the football club.

This is ground breaking for our football club because it sets an immediate benchmark.

Anyone dealing with our club now know our levels and that we will not bend from this, the club were firm on sell on value, key to any deals going forward.

Rangers turned down £5m plus for Nathan Patterson as well as significant bids previously for Kent and Morelos. This is where we now see our players valuation and despite whatever you may read or see, we are negotiating on our terms.

In fact Rangers are now in a strong financial position, that £9m will add to the £4m plus figure received for Steven Gerrard. Of course there is immediate challenges with covid but this is welcomed funds for the club.

This is vitally important as we freshen the squad and renew big contracts. Ryan Kent, Alfredo Morelos, Filip Helander and Joe Aribo all entering their final 18 months is an absolute priority. Ross Wilson is passing all the tests thrown at him, managerial replacement passed with ease and implementing the clubs financial strategy but this is absolutely huge. We can’t afford these lads to be allowed to enter the final stages of their deals.

The scenario of this money should give the club stability, allow it to freshen and also give it room to renew contracts.

Speaking of Freshening the squad this deal will allow Giovanni room to bring in two or three others.

Interest in American startlet James Sands is real and Rangers will look to move quickly. This isn’t a surprise, as widely reported, but perhaps conformation the club is looking to recruit quickly.

Other names have been mentioned and more will be linked but until anything is concrete then they remain just rumours. Of course there is excitement in these links, whether it’s Skov Olsen (merely an example and no idea if interest is true) or another European name it is always fun for the support.

But what is clear is this deal will and should allow the club to kick on. It sets the benchmark, it allows the club to freshen and it implements exactly the clubs chosen transfer strategy.

As for Nathan Patterson? A young man we wish the absolute best going forward, the better he does then the better for us. A tremendous young lad and very much one of us, joining a contingent of elite young Scots in Englands top flight which can only be good for our game. Does it sting a little? Yes because we want our own to be with us but this is our position and one the club have made clear.

Now it’s here we must use it to kick on and we have an opportunity to strengthen on many grounds.

In Ross Wilson we have someone clearly capable but as always his next big challenge is as big as any. Contracts, signings and ensuring we continue to strengthen is the challenge. He has done good work so far and this sale represents that.

To Nathan we thank him and as always as a Ranger he will be welcome at our club forever more, I truly hope he smashes it in the Premiership and kicks on.

This deal is huge for Rangers. What we do next is even bigger, but that’s life at Rangers.

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