Rangers withdraw from Sydney tournament

Rangers have confirmed they are out of the Sydney tournament.

From word go it was not popular and Rangers misjudged the handling of the whole situation. Repercussions for that will be known in time. They may even be self reflection and lessons that will benefit the leadership and club in time to come.

The situation as we know it is Rangers have been able to cancel participation at no cost or financial penalty, with no money changed hands. In fact deadline for Rangers to receive payment has been missed.

Failure to understand and promote the Old Firm brand cited as one major reason. Along with the announcement being used by other clubs without agreement.

We have more plans to announce soon, but with many friends, like Hamburg, surely there are more possibilities which the fans will support in their thousands.

This should never have happened but it has and we have to move on.

Now time to unite and cheer this team on to a momentous and massive April.