Gio will get the blame. The reality is the dismal failings of Ross Wilson and boardroom mismanagement is every bit as culpable

If you are throwing objects whilst at our games, then think. If you are invading pitches or encouraging your offspring to do so, then think. If you are embarrassing this club with your songbook and pissed up behaviour, then think. If you have to resort to racially abusing our players on social media or otherwise, then think.

The behaviour of some lately has really let this club down and save me the absolute bullshit of the super staunch ‘We’ll do what we want’ the only thing you are doing is embarrassing the club and dragging us down. I’m loathed to repeat it, I’m certainly no snowflake or whatever, but I’m sick of seeing my club being dragged down by this.

Every single person has a care of duty to this football club and that includes those watching. If you can’t represent the club then don’t bother, it’s that simple.

I am absolutely loathed to get involved in this because I am not a fans group and let me get this absolutely clear, I speak for no one, I am a very small fans blog and I’ll get the flak that comes with it and do you know what? I’m not even sure it’s my job to highlight it or even discuss but I’m fed up of it.

It’s our club constantly being dragged down, think about it and put Rangers first.

If you can’t represent our club without throwing bottles or embarrassing it, then fuck off and don’t come back.

Giovanni Van Bronckhorst will carry the can for what has been a disastrous post Winter break for Rangers. I’m not here to defend him, he’s the manager and it falls directly on him.

I’ve long since questioned the manager and his tactics or lack of them here on this blog, in fact I’ve been criticised for doing so. A twelve point swing and a 50% winning league margin should never be acceptable. That’s Van Bronckhorst’s reality.

The other situation is IF the manager can’t arrest this domestic slump and we hurtle out the Scottish cup then he has a trip to Parkhead to contend with and the possibility of four straight Old Firm defeats in a period of three months.

I’m not for one minute saying we should be sacking him but the reality is he can’t survive that and he shouldn’t. He will carry the can and he should carry the can. For every good decision, like a European moment and for context I have tried to praise that and show balance, he makes a baffling one like his blindness for certain players and refusal to play others. His ridiculous stubbornness to a goalkeeper that has cost Rangers a certain half dozen goals, if not more, is criminal. A few saves in Europe and people couldn’t wait to tell me I was wrong for wanting him dropped. He will stick with McGregor but refuse to play others and that’s on him.

It’s not his team so that is also worthy of context. This squad has thrown him under the bus and failure simply follows them around. Three out of four seasons, even in that ‘good’ season they shipped two easy cup opportunities, they have done this same thing.

Bottle jobs. It’s hard to argue or deny it. It infuriates me when social media lavish praise on the likes of James Tavernier and say he’s a Rangers legend deserving of Hall of Fame status. A captain who has presided over failure after failure and a squad who have ‘shit the bed’ on more occasions than I care to remember. Sure he’s a good player and by far not the biggest issue but a squad led by a captain that is riddled with mental weakness? Hall of fame? A Rangers legend? Laughable.

Joe Aribo ‘as good as Gascoigne’ some prattled on about back in December, Laudrup told us he was our main man. I warned he has to sustain it, low and behold he hasn’t kicked his arse in months and is first to down tools when the going gets tough. He is symptomatic of a squad riddled with weakness and just watch his efforts at the second goal yesterday or journey back to Parkhead and watch his pathetic efforts there when the going got tough. He’s not interested and he isn’t the only one.

The squad is full of it, players who look wonderful when it’s nice and easy but are mentally weak and will hide away when the going gets tough. That’s our reality. We lavish praise on these guys but the truth is they are miles away from the required standard.

Legends? Hall of fame? Our standards have dropped massively if that’s the case. Rangers are built for winning, that should never be forgotten. The truth is this squad needs gutted out. Sure in the next few weeks we could go through in Europe and we could get through the Scottish but it will mask a weakness throughout which needs ridden from our club. Then this will look silly for some but it will merely mask the reality and people shouldn’t be fooled.

The writing is on the wall and it is overdue.

Giovanni Van Bronckhorst hasn’t helped himself, Ramsey off and Arfield on was enough for me to claw my eyes out yesterday and don’t think because I don’t choose to throw it all on him that I don’t see it, but the point remains although criticism is massively deserved, it isn’t all on him.

In fact those in executive positions look away now.

Ross Wilson has been criticised for a while now. I have had doubts and have decided to hang back to see how the situation would unfold.

Those that have read this blog would have seen me question the contract situation he has allowed unfold. This is unforgivable and has been constantly mentioned here albeit short of shouting for resignations. Aribo, Kent, Morelos all going into their last years and yes argue their quality, that situation is unforgivable. Connor Goldson situation is unforgivable. We have failed to sell when we should and now valuations are massively down, that’s on Wilson.

Recruitment has been appalling for several windows and yes I have waited to respond to January, it required that for me, but the truth is Ross Wilsons legacy is Amad Diallo and James Sands. No where near the standard required and his tenure is littered with the likes of the Juninho Bacuna’s of our history.

Would you trust Ross Wilson to lead a summer recruiment drive?

On the evidence the answer is no. Ross Wilsons legacy is several wasted transfer windows, squad running down contracts and losing a third of it’s values. Harsh? Five years and four managers we are still reliant on Alfredo Morelos. Harsh? It’s reality unfortunately.

We can bang on about Gio all we want and again criticism is correct, let’s not miss the other guys who have fallen asleep in their position. Ross Wilson is massively culpable and if Giovanni Van Bronckhorst does fall, then Ross Wilson should follow him.

Then there is the boardroom.

At a time to push on they have failed to do so. Not spending in January will undoubtedly be called upon by many and it is hard to out a case against it. We knew they had to pull back on investment but we had generated our own fees, we have stood still. From a position of strength we are staring at another failed season, that’s as unforgivable as any other complaint. No one asked they spend their own money but we had money from Gerrard and Nathan Patterson sitting there, that’s the issue.

Then there is the petty squabbles at every single turn, the Dave King situation, the statements written by an angry boardroom members (Yes that horrendous statement answering club 1872 was boardroom penned and not by our director of Comms who took the flak despite warning against it) and wrong decisions at every turn.

Australia was symptomatic of the decision making. We just should never have been in that position and that decision and subsequent mess is enough to cost executive positions. If they have led us into another court room battle (our withdrawal stance better be water tight) then Douglas Park and co need to seriously consider whether they are doing more damage than good. I’ve lavished praise on their financial backing and we will never not be grateful but I will criticise what is right infront of us also. Dare I say it, it’s what the majority of us are thinking.

I started off criticising those who hurt the club with their behaviour in the stands and stating they have a responsibility to represent the club properly.

So do our board. ‘Park the egos’ and put Rangers first, the boardroom and our executives have failed every bit as the squad have on the pitch. Start leading us as a club the stature Rangers deserves.

Everyone has a responsibility to this football club. Put the name Rangers first.