Alex Lowry/Robby McCrorie: We can’t wait for ‘once in a lifetime’ week!

Day three of our Europa league final countdown has interviews with future Rangers stars Robby McCrorie and Alex Lowry. The future of this club could heavily centre around both with each playing their cameo parts in a season which now has only two cup finals left.

Robby started this whole thing with a man of the match and clean sheet performance in Alashkert way back in August in a week which he is desperate to repeat.

Alex Lowry has burst onto the first team scene in recent months with man of the match performances in the Scottish cup and league. Even today he started, assisted and scored in the final game of the season victory over Hearts.

Fans are excited about the future of Alex Lowry and it’s quite right to feel as such. The youngster has shown a frightening level of confidence in his play, with his vision and touch already evident as well as a keen eye for goal. His quick touch and finish today clearly testament to that.

Robby McCrorie on the other hand has had to be patient for his opportunity but with clean sheets in the aforementioned Alashkert match, followed by an Old Firm shut out, he has shown everyone he is more than capable.

The experience of this run and upcoming finals will be vital for the football club. I was looking forward to getting their thoughts on it all.

Robby McCrorie Interview

Robby, let’s journey back, Alashkert away, clean sheet and man of the match, you can legitimately say you started this whole thing!

(He laughs!) I dunno about that!

It definitely feels like ages ago that to be honest, especially with the amount of games we’ve played since then. That was obviously my debut for Rangers, my competitive debut for Rangers, it was a whirlwind of a week.

To be honest, no matter what happens (in my future) I can always say I played my part in helping the club get to a European final. It’s a proud moment for me back then but, as I said previously, I’m pushing everyday to try and push the standards of the others as well.

If I can make Greegsy better in the games he’s playing and we can come out of this successful then it’s a win win for me.

On that Robby, in terms of that whirlwind week and your future, trying to win a new contract then really kicking on to become no1, how much did that experience spur you on for more?

I’ve always been one who has wanted more to be honest, I’ll never settle for where I am at. I want to advance wherever possible, having moments like that will only give me more motivation.

I don’t know what will happen in the future but I’m ready for anything and I max out everyday to try and put myself in the best position possible.

Alex Lowry interview

Alex, congratulations on the new deal. How does it feel to finally get that settled and hopefully get more first team action with this giant week ahead?

Yeah it was good to get that done and dusted, now I can concentrate on my football again!

I’m buzzing for this final, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. All the boys are really excited and so am I!

When you’ve come in to the first team you have performed really well gaining Man of the match awards, in terms of the lowland league how much has that prepared you for first team football?

The lowland league was first team football as well! That was something I’d never played in so that’s definitely another aspect that has helped me when going around with the first team.

Since January I’ve played quite a few games and been involved with the first team so long may that continue!

In terms then of your development, you will say wherever the manager picks me, but where do you see your best position?

(Thinks for a second and smiles) Wherever the boss puts me!

If I was to pick it would probably be the number 10 position because that gives me the licence to get forward and create.

I’m comfortable off the left and off the right and would be happy to do a job as a false nine like the way we are playing the now.

Both lads were polite and friendly to us all. It can’t be easy to be flung in front of media at such a tender age, especially for Alex, but both show a maturity and confidence in theirselves which is admirable.

As the years go on both will be massive for our football club and can play a huge part in our future. Robby has the more experience but in terms of goalkeepers is still of a tender age.

Alex is the exciting midfielder who is more than capable, Tynecastle today being just a taster.

The future’s bright and if either are called upon in this next week then Rangers are safe in the knowledge they are ready.