Scott Wright – Roy Makaay is always there to lean on and fantastic to learn from every day

Scott Wright interview in full. Thanks to H&H for the recording.

At today’s media day at Ibrox we were given the chance to speak to some first team players before the start of the new season. I was delighted to speak with James Sands and Scott Wright with features on both coming this week on the blog.

First up was Scott Wright and was keen to ask him on Roy Makaay and his influence in training. Roy with a massive pedigree in football, having played for top clubs including Bayern Munich, must be a dream to learn from.

Of course Wright has that cup final goal now as his signature Rangers moment but like everyone else that is now assigned to history and he must kick on.

Rangers have now signed Rabbi Matondo and I was keen to ask how Scott embraced that challenge.

‘On Roy MaKaay, when Roy takes training how much do you enjoy that and what do you look to take off of someone with such a world class pedigree’

“As you were saying Roy’s pedigree is absolutely fantastic and as you said about playing at the top level, Roy has obviously done that.

Obviously to try and get just a small insight into that, how he thinks and how he plays, personally for me as an attacker, is fantastic.

Roy will kinda take the attackers at the end of training and try and do little movements or even little things he thinks we can add to our game and where he thinks he can help us.

So as you said it’s absolutely fantastic and I’ve tried to add those little bits to my game as much as I can.

He’s great to lean on off the pitch as well. He’s always there to for you which I think is so important”

‘In terms of Rabbi Matondo and his arrival, is it a case of for you working together and always pushing each other as much as possible and learning off him also?’

“Absolutely! I think when you sign on at a club like this it is so important we have competition in places and the two of us will definitely push each other throughout the whole season.

The most important thing I think is the club. We have to be winning games. Whether that’s me starting and Rabbi coming on or Rabbi starting and me coming on to see games out, it’s so important we are there to push each other.

As I said before both of us fighting for a spot for this club is only going to be a good thing. Hopefully it’s going to be the two of us performing at top level.

We will push ourselves everyday in training for the right to play in the team and once you’ve got that right to play it’s about going out there and expressing yourself, bringing that energy and talent to the squad”