USG already think the tie is won and atmosphere is nothing, time to bring Ibrox alive

Rangers were awful last Tuesday and barely showed what they were capable of. In fact they didn’t, there’s no barely to it at all. We were soundly beaten on a night that threatened to be more than two, it could have been so many more. As a result when it came to Saturday, several changes to the starting eleven were made and the underperforming stars were benched.

It shouldn’t happen but sadly it does and we turned in a performance rightly described as Gio’s worst in his time here. We offered nothing as a team, nothing with the ball and certainly nothing in attack.

USG can rightly feel like they have a great chance and they probably feel like they are the better side, but their reaction has not gone unnoticed.

In fact their reaction on the night has been noted and as Walter used to tell Archie, it’s been ‘pinned’ on the dressing room wall. Rangers are ‘nothing’, ‘weak’ and ‘useless’ but the overreaction has been noted by the squad.

Ibrox has already been rubbished and we are told it’s not a problem. I don’t know about anyone reading this, but it sounds like a challenge to me. I’m told the squad are ready and well up for the game but also determined to ‘right a few wrongs’, they’ll need to be.

As for Ibrox and our fans, well just a few months after the likes of Jude Bellingham spoke of Ibrox being a ‘proper gaff’ and the Braga manager told us how Ibrox frightened their young squad, I reckon we can all play a part.

It’s up to us to help the players and it’s up to the players to turn up, they have the responsibility to perform as much as the Ibrox stands do. Tuesday night was dreadful and we may be down but we are certainly not out.

Let the players bring the performance and we’ll bring the noise, then we’ll see just what happens come Tuesday evening. Ibrox can be the difference, let’s give it everything we have.

* Hospitality is still available from Rangers for Tuesday night

Saturday was a nearly performance. A lot of extremely good play was nearly executed and it’s the kind of game that we should have been clear in. If Scott Wright picks a better pass then we are three on one in attack for example. Rangers dominated and Kilmarnock didn’t trouble Jon McLaughlin in the Rangers goal.

But it also has to be better. We are clearly still getting used to each other so cohesion will come in time and I’m confident players will start to perform better the more things go on. We have seen glimpses of Tillman and Lawrence that give us positivity. Despite the criticism it seems logical to say Antonio Čolak can finish if we give him the right opportunities. There is positives if we want to see them.

The issues is with seven new players, the majority being starters, then it will take time. Alfredo being back is a huge bonus and it may really help us get up to speed quicker because even in his cameo you could tell he was finding space. He needs match sharpness and that will come but you give those players his qualities and we will only benefit.

Ryan Kent’s absence the major issue as he brings so much but Tom Lawrence showed different threats cutting inside and finding pockets of space. So we have the potential to grow, it may just take time.

That’s the conundrum though because at Rangers we don’t have time.

It’s on to Tuesday for the team and we have to give it everything to turn this around. The evidence supports a famous night at Ibrox and if you need proof just cast your mind back to a few months ago.

This is different absolutely but it ain’t over until it’s over. Two wins out of two in the league is form to build on domestically. In Europe we have it all to do.

If that run has shown us anything it’s that we are capable. Let’s make Ibrox have another night to remember.

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