Josh Windass and that celebration

Interesting reaction to the result last night as ever on social media, but it wasn’t really the result or the performance we were all talking about. Step forward Joshua Windass

It is well known Josh is a superb trainer and can often be found, in the Rangers training facility, homing his talents on his days off. Known to be first in and quite often last out he conducts himself as a Ranger should, he’s never on the front page and anyone who has ever met him will tell you he’s an extremely nice young man but it’s worth still remembering he is still a young man.

So with that he will make mistakes along the way and what he did last night has split opinion right down the middle. The ‘shhhhhhh’ gesture to his doubters after an excellent opener, was clearly a message to those who are constantly on his back, ‘get off my back and let me do my thing’

I don’t think for a second he was trying to be disrespectful but I also can see how some people took it that way. For me it was more an act of defiance to his doubters, ‘I am here and I can succeed’ type of thing. But the cold hard facts are our support pay their money and follow everywhere, making a point at them maybe wasn’t his finest moment.

Take a look at James Tavernier for a second, at fault on Saturday but comes out and shoulders the blame. Then responds with a magnificent performance and a quality goal, surely that is how to bounce back and answer your critics?

Josh Windass has tremendous capability and if we can harness that in a positive fashion then he will become a fantastic player for this club, perhaps the player he thinks he is now and perhaps that’s the real contention here. But if he keeps scoring goals and making a positive contribution then he will make that jump, perhaps with more support that will come easier?

But what we did have last night was a positive response to a very disappointing Saturday result, which has to be the catapult to a sustainable run of results. That’s the main issue for me, this team is capable and this team has lots of promise but it also has the capability of shooting itself on the foot almost at any moment.

We must gain a level of consistency that pulls us to where we should be and that is where we must be. I am like every other supporter in that I have been so positive this year only to get knocked back, like Saturday.

But it’s onwards and upwards for the club, Ayr on Sunday and a chance for Scottish cup progression. The cup is very much still there for us and we can still salvage this season with Hampden success.

Exciting things are happening on and off the pitch, we have covered these on this blog before, Surging onwards is our only real option.

As ever, Ignore the nonsense, the Irrelevant and the noise – this is our football club 🔴⚪️🔵