It’s all positive, On and Off the pitch

As I left Ibrox at FT and also during today’s game you could certainly feel something in the air, something that we haven’t felt in a long time, Belief.

For the first time in quite a while you can genuinely tell we are starting to believe and starting to enjoy watching our team. It’s fair to say we shot ourselves in the foot last summer and even arguably persisting with Pedro for so long, but it also fair to say that the fruits of January are beginning to shine through and that those mistakes are being put behind us.

Yes, today the belief was apparent not only in the fans but also in the players. Graeme Murty deserves tremendous credit for the way he has built this team to function as it did today. He has a vision and today was as impressive as we have been in a while, more importantly the players didn’t choke.

Far from it in fact, we were resolute and organised but tenacious too, not only in the tackle but as we tried to find that killer pass. In truth we really should have buried Hearts in the second half but we kept at them to get the second, more importantly we were solid at the back keeping Hearts out as a solid defensive unit.

Graeme Murty says we haven’t clicked yet and that is hugely encouraging, I am looking forward to this team continuing to grow. We have had some knocks, some poor results but yet we are still in it and certainly enough to put down some markers for this season and the next.

Things are moving along with Ibrox and today there was visible improvements with lighting around the stadium being fitted, car parks being painted and those little touches of TLC missing for so long are being restored. Small touches but it is what Ibrox deserves after decades of neglect and we can feel happy. Money is being invested to refurbish the roofs, money is there to fix the concourse and make our match day experience better. Argyle house is being refurbished and everywhere you look amongst staff and in our ground positive noises are being heard.

The club have rolled out the first part of the Share issue as we approach investors, the club are gearing up for a huge push on this summer and beyond. The mistakes of last summer will not be repeated and the solid foundations of January are being built on.

There are those who live and breath our club, those that are consumed by our club and can’t wait to tell us that certain doom is only round the corner. The truth is so far from it and the positivity surrounding our football club is there for everyone. The heart is returning to our club.

Tonight we can be pleased with what’s happening on the pitch and be proud of another fantastic result. Tonight we can be positive with what’s happening off the pitch with the stadium, investment and everyone pulling in the right direction

Tonight we are allowed to believe, our football club is a great one and we will always be proud of it

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