Please read – Rangers need your help

RANGERS LOTTO – We need your help!

Volunteers required on Home Match Days

An incredible social media drive by Gregco and Stu Hamilton has seen a surge of new Membership. They are a credit to Our Club for the time they have given up to champion the Rangers Lotto and the Youth Development Fund.

The numbers in comparison to the size of the fan base we have are still disappointingly low, especially considering the first team is already seeing the fruits of it’s labour, and that it is only £1 P/W to play.

There are so many fans who live in the offline world, and in order to reach out the larger support, Rangers Lotto needs your help.

We are looking to form a match day Street Team. This will consistent of 7-10 Volunteer fans on Home match days, giving up a few hours to engage fans around the stadium and in local Rangers Bars and Clubs.

You will be Championing one of the biggest projects within the Club, and explaining the benefits of joining before taking down contact information for the Club to follow up on, or proving them with an application to complete at home.

There is no hard selling involved. We want to educate fans on what Rangers Lotto does and where the money goes.

You will be provided with ID and over-the-top of your own wear clothing (which can be handed back in and stored pre-kick-off). Training will be provided.

If you have the time Pre-kick Off, enjoy talking to fellow fans and want to help please contact @TheBlueGates72 on Twitter or email and we will be in touch.