Wallace, Miller and another shambles

Lee Wallace and Kenny Miller were today suspended from Rangers pending a formal investigation. Both were involved in a heated altercation in the dressing room on Sunday, to the extent both went further than they ever should have.

Rightly or wrongly, these players took boundaries of language and behaviour to the extremes, a line that must never be crossed was, to the extent senior professionals were holding them back.

Beyond all things, the Rangers managers position must be beyond that kind of behaviour. There must always be respect to the position and respect for the badge they represent. No matter what we think of the manager, respect should always be given.

Whilst a number of other allegations have been thrown at both players, we will stick to the facts that today’s announcement is on Sundays actions only.

What is absolutely clear is the players on the pitch, the management in the dugout and the boardroom continue to lead us from one inept football embarrassment to the next.

We have supported this board every step of the way, we have bought tickets, not bought memorabilia then bought it on request, sold out Season tickets and the list goes on.

The fans have done way beyond what has been asked of them.

We appreciate what you have done, we have highlighted the positives everywhere we can on this blog. We appreciate the funding, the development of the stadium, the defeat of Mike Ashley etc. It is even arguably fair to say off the pitch this boardroom is performing well.

But that does not mean this blog will turn a blind eye to the incompetence from a football perspective, that overshadows our club continuously. Asking the support to renew season tickets on blind faith is verging on contempt, you promised us transparency.

Where is the transparency?

Why do we constantly stumble from one embarrassment to the next? That’s what today is, another embarrassment. From humiliating results on the pitch to humiliating stories off it.

You, the board, are duty bound to fix this mess and be transparent with the supporters immediately, that’s what you promised. We are sick and tired of the current status quo.

Clarify the managers position for next season

Clarify the Kit manufacturing position immediately

Clarify why a youth coach, that nobody wants, is still employed in the managers dugout whilst we limp home this season

Clarify just how you are going to fix this mess

Give us the transparency you promised and do it before it’s to late, do it before you lose a fanbase that is close to breaking point.

We deserve better than the constant soul destroying embarrassment we face, enough is enough

A message to the players, management and boardroom –

The badge you represent is sacred and bigger than any of you. Start respecting it, respecting the support and performing to a standard befitting of our football club, on and off the pitch.