Steven Gerrard

I have long since blogged that Rangers are in a good place off the pitch and heading towards better times. Belittled recently somewhat by the actions of some players and somewhat ridiculous statements from the board, I have had reason to question those beliefs.

After all, I have blogged this board would deliver a big name manager and were determined to drag this club back to where we belong.

We know now that Steven Gerrard IS that big name and he is the chosen man to return Rangers back to a much healthier place. As the man himself said last night on BT Sports ‘It’s true, I’ve held positive talks with Rangers and the plan is to pick them up again on Thursday’

Steven Gerrard isn’t coming up to Glasgow to put his reputation on the line with his hands tied behind his back. This board have promised & proven significant funds are available for the summer transfer window. This won’t be just for a ‘few loans’ or freebies. Rangers require significant surgery and Gerrard, along with Mark Allen, will be pushing for that.

If we ignore the many rumours that this deal is done with an announcement expected at the end of the week, we must hope the board can get this one over the line. Another managerial high profile failure would be disastrous for this board.

It is noticeable the difference in media reporting for this deal in England and Scotland. The negativity in Scotland as predictable as ever, the useless idiots and ex opposition players lining up to have a pop at the club. It is somewhat interesting when SNP attention seekers join in to have a go and ridicule the prospect, perhaps if they concentrated on their own jobs in parliament this country wouldn’t be in such a mess.

Where as down south the excitement is tangible and reaction polar opposite. Gary Lineker, Dennis Wise, Alan Shearer and Ian Wright all talking about how exciting the possibility is for Steven Gerrard. Anyone who watched BT Sport last night could see that Lineker himself was practically bursting at the possibility.

Sky Sports have been full of praise for the club and speak in glowing terms of our institution, a tremendous challenge with a sleeping giant they describe it as.

That’s the reality and obvious reaction, the idiots up here who championed ‘Ronny Roar’ and Ian Cathro, are now showing their blindingly obvious bias saying the exact opposite now. When you ask yourself why this is the answer is blindingly obvious. Graeme Souness was bang on all those years ago, the jealousy towards our club will never fade.

Rangers have given theirselves a chance of worldwide exposure and they don’t like it, they wanted our club trampled to the floor and any signs of recovery they will rush to trample. All anyone wants to talk about is Rangers.

Steven Gerrard is a huge name in world football, if the club do pull this off the potential is absolutely massive. The interest in our club will be huge and players will be interested in playing for one of the best midfielders Great Britain has ever produced.

Gerrard himself is a managerial risk but there is no obvious answer to this solution at present. There is no Walter Smith waiting in the wings so yes the club have rolled the dice, but any appointment is a risk so why not make it an exciting one.

We know Gerrard is a winner, we know he will have a point to prove and we know he won’t accept second best. The fact he wasn’t put off by the recent horror shows on the park show he has the character we absolutely need. The negatives are obvious and like anyone who might get the job, everyone is a risk.

Early indications are that better players are on the way, Scott Arfield and Allan McGregor the early rumoured signings. The pursuit of James McArthur now looks to be unlikely, with the Midfielder wishing to stay in England, but again shows where Rangers want to be. The names linked with Rangers IF Gerrard arrives will only get bigger and better.

There is absolutely no doubt that Rangers need huge surgery on the pitch with a playing squad way short of the required standard. There is nobody at Ibrox thinking otherwise, the summer window will be huge in player turnover both in and out of the club. Any clubs interested in any of our players will not find Rangers too difficult to deal with.

So all eyes will be on Rangers in the run in to this weekend. Steven Gerrard is the chosen one and we now wait for formal confirmation. Personally I think it’s an exciting possibility and obviously a tremendous risk. In the coming days we will find out exactly how it will all unfold. Will the club get this one over the line?

Until then with regards to the negativity of this country towards this deal and our club, I will close in the perfect way

Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise