The league season is upon us as ‘off the field’ news dominates again

Since Steven Gerrard’s arrival, we have found ourselves in a state of euphoria and enthusiasm we have not enjoyed in several years. As predicted turnover both in and out of the club has been high, this shows no signs of stopping either with the manager himself speaking out on his want for two more faces.

But with the SPFL returning this coming Sunday, the holiday period is over and it’s time to knuckle down for Rangers. It has been an encouraging start for Gerrard and his team, results good and performances promising in spells.

What Gerrard has done is what we were all crying out for, he has immediately addressed the shape and work rate of the team. Defensively we look assured and it is of great pleasure the manager continues to talk about the need to improve further. In the middle and in attack we remain a work on progress but with glimpses of what the team can do, we look a far more formidable side than at any point in recent years.

Aside of what the manager has done on the pitch, he has really impressed me off it in his press conferences and in the way he talks about performances and Rangers business.

Gerrard is no nonsense and there is a stature about how he goes about his business. He is very honest in what he says and it instantly makes him likeable because we can all relate to what he is trying to do. For the first time in a very long time I find myself extremely invested in the management and wanting to listen to his conferences knowing we are getting relatable content.

Before the league returns we have a vital European game on Thursday and hopefully the team can continue to build momentum. It was a very ‘Walter’ like away European performance and I hope we will be professional and finish the job. It’s worth pointing out that Osijek had a brilliant result against Hadjuk Split and have been noisy about the return fixture. We will need to be on our game and finish the tie.

Sunday will take care of itself but talk of Aberdeen’s demise was brushed aside in a credible draw with Burnley, who they also face again on Thursday night. They will be up for our visit and determined to prove they can mix it with us once more. But I am more positive about this team than I have been in quite a while, a bruising SPFL encounter doesn’t scare me as much as in previous years.

The proof will be in the coming games now, we have looked good so far but now the real grit of the league comes with plenty of away trips imminent and we will see just how ready we really are.

One thing for sure we have a manager we can relate with and I am starting to believe we have a squad we can relate with also.

Transfer news is never far from Rangers and today the club announced, as previously speculated on this blog, that Fabio Cardoso had been released from his contract by mutual agreement. This highlighted the disastrous summer dealings of 2017 once more. With Cardoso joining Herrera, Pena and Alves away from Rangers it simply highlights the disaster Pedro Caixinha was.

Of course we have hindsight, it’s easy to be critical and hopefully with the leadership of Mark Allen these situations will stop occurring. But perhaps the club needs to ask who else was involved in these deals and are they doing the job expected?

Kean Bryan deal collapse was a disappointing one. I must admit I had grown to like the sound of the deal, it seemed to tick all the boxes. With Cardoso leaving it seems plausible the club could have an imminent plan B lined up. We are short at the back so hopefully Goldson and Katic stay fit.

Kyle Lafferty is also back in the news with a bid from Rangers and it seems likely we will go back in again for the player. Hopefully it doesn’t turn into a saga like the ‘Walker’ deal with Hearts and if Rangers do want him we can get it done quickly. Perhaps the club are also waiting to see just what Kyle will do to force the move at his end.

But unfortunately team performances, transfer news and good results are not dominating the headlines today. The Sports Direct news is and it seems Rangers will be dealing with the company for a little bit longer. Whilst we wait for official news from the club it is worth saying how ‘disappointing’ the news today is.

When last summers news emerged, it was of great relief to the support that only one more year of SD was possible. That not being the case or at least the possibility of it, should have been disclosed even earlier to the support.

What has happened is the club now look foolish from the outset, the grandstanding of last summers Dave King press conference now looks in vain and the support once again wondering quite how this has happened.

Whilst I understand any new terms will be much more favourable to Rangers and the same as any we were getting in a new deal, the club must deliver as much transparency as legally possible and be true to what they have always promised the support. There are a lot of questions that require answering from our Chairman and boardroom.

The board must brace themselves for that inevitable questioning and anger from the supporters. Transparency and honesty were the buzz words of Dave Kings arrival at Rangers those years ago, time to deliver on that promise.

Good luck to the team this week as we continue in Europe and begin our league season

Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise 🔴⚪️🔵


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