Ryan Jack returns with a vengeance

When Ryan Jack was injured last December it was clear that no one could have predicted the severity of the injury. Not only did it finish Ryan’s season but completely lost Rangers of the one player capable of putting in the challenges our midfield required

On Thursday against Osijek Jack produced an almost faultless midfield performance, he was absolutely everywhere. Anytime we lost the ball he was there sweeping up, breaking up play and covering expertly for Jon Flanagan

It really is testament to the player that he is back performing to such a high level this early in his come back, it really is a magnificent bonus for the support. I have heard a lot of people saying we are light in midfield but Ryan has taken his opportunity and shown than is not necessarily needed

Along side Lassana Coulibaly, Jack covered every blade of grass but done it intelligently and was able to do it productively such was the engine and intelligence of his midfield partner. That is the key element, Jack was able to intelligently position himself knowing it was not a one man midfield, as often the case last season. With Coulibaly covering he was able to be in key position to break up play and stop opposing teams breaks up field.

But Jacks emergence these last few games is as much a bonus as it is slightly surprising, there was internet rumours he may very well find himself out on loan this season. But Jack has taken his opportunity and if he can consistently replicate his performance the other night, Rangers will finally have a midfield engine that’s been absent since the days of Barry Ferguson (I should be clear that I am not comparing the players, merely pointing out BF was last player to do the midfield job as effectively as Ryan did on Thursday)

Yes it’s early, yes it’s only been a few games and tomorrow will be another indication of how Ryan Jack can perform. What was extremely satisfying on Thursday was the last few minutes of the game when Osijek players tried to rile him up and went head to head with him, Jack simply walked away

A focussed and disciplined Ryan Jack may be that midfield key that we have been searching for. The manager described his performance as ‘Stunning’ and said he was ‘jealous’, I think that speaks volumes of just how good he was.

It’s up to Jack now to consistently perform like that and it is exciting to think that if he can do it, then Jack and Coulibaly look very solid indeed. Put that in front of a solid back 5 and for the first time a spine of a team is appearing. Tomorrow we head to Aberdeen desperate to get off to a good start, Ryan Jack will be key to it all and there will be no better place for him to stamp his superiority all over the midfield

Welcome back the real Ryan Jack, carry that on and Rangers will have a quality midfielder on our hands

Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise 🔴⚪️🔵


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