Faux outrage only applies when Rangers benefit

The outcry from Saturday has been as predictable, as it has been expected, from certain parts of the media. Suddenly ‘operation stop the ten’ has become a ‘thing’ and the paranoia has been ramped up to Defcon 1, remarkable considering it was already way out of control

You definitely know you are in trouble when the ‘unholy trinity’ of Hartson, Sutton and Boyd are being wheeled out to tell us it will take ‘100 years to even up decisions’

It gives me great delight in knowing that they are so damaged and so demented by us that they will go to these lengths, Tom Boyd even starred in some laughable film about how Referees gave decisions to anyone but that lot.

A film that they allowed to be filmed in their own stadium!

It’s actually highly amusing when you consider the mental impact we have had on them

But anyway enough laughing at Tom and co, let’s have a look at operation ‘let’s stop the ten’ and see what this highly complex movement has done to benefit Rangers ahead of everyone else.

First game of the season Alfredo Morelos is sent off for flicking out at an Aberdeen defender, not an act of Aggression but incorrectly Alfie walks and we drop points. On the very first day after 10 mins. This is correctly rescinded but the points are dropped

Second game of the season Ross McCrorie is ordered off after 40 odd mins and Rangers again down to 10. Game three and Motherwell equalise four minutes into injury time. Now there’s nothing wrong with that, but call me mental if you like but surely an ‘operation’ would involve minimal injury time and chances for that to happen.

Anyway, game four and we are beaten 1-0 by our rivals for a goal which arguably shouldn’t have stood as our player was fouled in the build up, a foul called by the assistant and fourth official but ignored if you remember correctly.

Now is it just me or is ‘operation stop the 10’ off to a poor start? In fact ‘operation stop the 10’ wasn’t even heard of because it suited them Rangers were not getting any decisions.

Anyway we journey on through the season and we get a decision at Hearts when Alfredo scores from an offside decision. Never mind the fact McAuley is being hauled over behind him and it would have undoubtedly been a penalty, the media go into overdrive.

Later in that game Alfredo would go clean in as Rangers tried to cement our lead in the game, barely a mention but look at this decision. In fact it was ‘lauded’ as good defending by ‘Christophe’

‘Operation stop the 10’ would surely let him go in offside or not?

We beat Motherwell 7-1 and again outrage as we were given a stonewall penalty. Handball ‘biometrics’ was introduced to Scottish football in an attempt to push the conspiracy

As Alfredo gets decisions against him at Rugby Park & this one at home, I’m struggling to understand the apparent bias towards our club, but anyway we carry on

Rangers drop crucial points at Dundee, two points in a championship race that cost us big time. The media reaction of absolute silence, when it goes against Rangers, beginning to shine through

Away to Hibs we drew 0-0 and were denied a stonewall penalty due to handball. Nothing given and surprisingly not a thing said in the media

Then the moment when it all began to tip over the edge in December when we beat them at Ibrox. It became all about Alfredo as the paranoia went into overdrive

In that same game however there was very minimal discussion about this challenge below?

Ryan Jack almost got run out of the country for his challenge on Stevie May last season, infact when May injured Jack in return fixture it was ‘good sport’ because professionals remember these things apparently. When this follow through happens it’s not even mentioned

There was even less said about this decision which could have cost Rangers the game

So to the present day and the meltdown from Saturday is in overdrive.

It’s not about the decisions Rangers got, it’s about the standard of refereeing in this country apparently.

So surely the penalty Rangers didn’t get on Saturday needs to be highlighted? What’s that? Silence again?

Last week Rangers were denied two stonewallers at Cowdenbeath and one given against us which wasn’t, it barely even got a mention in the media. In fact when trying to find the highlights the decisions aren’t even included in the highlights package!

We have had sending offs like Daniel Candeias this season and Andy Halliday few years ago which have bordered on laughable.

We have had players ruled out with season ending tackles and the opposition not even cautioned.

We have endured some of the worst refereeing displays against Hibs at home last season which immediately springs to mind.

That’s only scratching the surface and I believe every single team could highlight bad decisions against them, not every team screams a conspiracy however and that’s the most embarrassing thing

The media reaction has been laughable this week and it’s absolutely no surprise. But the facts are available for all to see, with a few highlighted above.

You could also apply the laws of the game but that’s just mental talk

It will only get worse as we continue to strengthen, 55 may very well have serious implications on the stability of some people. I can hear Tom Boyd crying already

I can’t wait

Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise