Rangers nail the BBC, Dave King and crunch time looms for Gerrard

I have long been a fan of our manager, since the word go he’s pretty much had me eating out the palm of his hand. That situation hasn’t changed but it is worth pointing out that you can completely trust him but also question him at the same time.

As we closed for the Winter break the club were even on points and looking good after an inconsistent end to the campaign up until that point.

The win against them lifted everyone and gave us an opportunity to kick on. That was the challenge for the club at that point, to kick on and really grab the bull by the horns.

Sadly we haven’t kicked on and by the time we play our next league game we will be staring at an Eight point deficit. We don’t have anyone to blame for that but ourselves

This is where I feel the pressure is building on our manager as there are several questions beginning to mount and remain unanswered. We needed a creative midfielder and that has went unresolved which brings us to Saturdays dismal draw with St Johnstone

We have seen this movie several times with Gerrard and his management team, unfortunately for us the end result always has been the same. A team that sits in with a defensive mindset, more often than not, come away with something against us. We created very little at Kilmarnock and not a jot against St Johnstone, both games without Alfredo. It’s almost like we are watching a team who doesn’t believe they can win without our star man

Furthermore we haven’t figured out how to use Defoe effectively and he is becoming hopelessly isolated in the forward position. Davis looks miles off it in his early cameos and yes I know it’s early, but in all honesty it doesn’t look good.

Glenn Kamara was decent enough but I’m not sure he is that much different from what we already have, that’s not me saying he isn’t good but questioning if we really needed another midfielder content on recycling the ball instead of producing a killer pass

When Gerrard is coming out and criticising the team by saying they aren’t following his instructions or putting training into practice, I begin to wonder exactly why, because this isn’t the first time this has happened

If the players are ignoring the instructions of the management then why and what exactly does that tell us?

Several players look confidence shy or extremely off form and the problem is we can’t continue to rip things up, however prone to judgement we are. We have to stick with the likes of Barisic and hope he can reproduce his form, similar to Daniel Candeias who has struggled since the break. Similarly we can’t rip up the formation or plan because we are ten months into this project and we need to stick with it and see it through.

Continuously changing fifteen players every summer can’t continue

We are better, we are much improved but we still have quite a bit to go. That isn’t a criticism, it’s just honesty.

I don’t believe there is anyone who wants radical change, I certainly don’t, but if we don’t progress on Wednesday then Gerrard will feel the heat for the first time in his managerial career

I still believe in the management, I still believe in the process, but we quite have to start getting the consistency from the players and the team. It’s as important for this season as it is for next.

Gerrard, the management team and the players need to start producing form and results quickly, sadly that’s just a reality

Dave Kings recent situation with the takeover panel is finally resolved. Whilst others were desperate to sell, Kings smart move in the share issue meant his takeover offer was never going to be accepted. The money has always been there as this blog has long since reported, what King has done is shrewdly stood his ground ensuring it was never going to succeed. You can say a lot about King but he is undoubtedly a shrewd man

King has always said giving money to those that have shares, yet offer nothing, is doing nothing for our club. He has long since said that his money must go to our club instead of those that won’t help it

I was heartened to see plea’s to sell from our ex board members reach the tabloids this week, those that treated the club with outright disrespect by having AGMs in a tent and ice bucket challenges in our strips, those shares are slowly getting diluted to nothing and it’s exactly what is best for our club

Moving on to Stewart Robertsons interview with the club media team regarding the disciplinary issues and BBC, I have to say I thought he handled it extremely well

He nails the BBC and their agenda for what it is, as he says the club are being treated differently by them and they have that in writing. That in itself is astonishing

He also nails ‘trial by Sportscene’ who have an agenda as clear as anything we see in the media. When you see a Motherwell player booting Naismith in the face yesterday and it not getting a mention, then you really have to question what is happening, especially when they have vilified our players and especially Alfredo for a lot less.

I’m quite happy for the club to continue to push for change and work with other clubs in a dignified manner. There will be those who argue it’s getting us nowhere but tonight we have called out the compliance officer, called out the BBC and Sportscene making our position extremely clear. We have done it in a civilised and sensible way, that’s all I ever want from us

My only wish is the club don’t let up, keep pushing for change and work to abolish the ridiculous position of the compliance officer

Moving back to Wednesday the club have a huge match, the players and management must step it up and produce.

We don’t have any more chances this year and we simply have no choice but to keep faith in the process

Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise


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