Selective hearing only fuels the sectarian hatred

Before we start this I want to make one thing absolutely clear, Sectarian behaviour is abhorrent and as a society we need to move on from it. I utterly condemn it in every way

But that means Everybody and Everything

Selective hearing and selective mock outrage is doing absolutely nobody any good.

There is those using their position in parliament or a specific political party to push an agenda.

Why do I think or say that?

Because the only time you hear them is when it involves Rangers or our support. Yet when the chants involves ‘Orange Bastards’ or ‘go home you huns’ those very same people are strangely silent

Call it All out or not at all

There are videos of specific IRA chants at grounds which go uncommented on. There are songs played over the tannoy to encourage this ‘beautiful Sunday’ and not a thing is said. There are songs with lyrics which include ‘soon there will be no protestants at all’

When these songs are aired Is requests to meet those clubs publicly called for then? No

Weeks ago we had a stadium singing ‘go home ya huns’ and not a thing mentioned

Where does it stop? Because outside of the highlighted chanting we have ‘Raised in Glasgow slums’ ‘Weegie bastards’ ‘Ayrshire bastards’ ‘Fuck the pope and fuck the queen’

It’s all regularly heard all over Scotland at various grounds yet it regularly goes unchallenged – it only seems to be our support that is highlighted

That is wrong

This isn’t ‘whataboutery’ it’s a simple fact that the faux moral outcry only suits certain people when it suits their agenda

All sectarian singing is wrong but it isn’t one sided and the fact it’s creeping back in is because only one side is being highlighted

Our club continues to spend thousands of pounds touring the country to educate people. We play a message pre match over the tannoy, we have posted several messages and continue to work in the community. Our club are doing it’s level best

As a support we have to work with our club in that

But it isn’t one sided, the coverage and agenda push to make it seem so is very dangerous

Selective hearing and selective faux moral outrage is as dangerous as anything else to this whole problem

Sectarian singing is not welcome but save me the faux offended nonsense & selective hearing nonsense, also save your ‘it’s political’ defence because that is also as dangerous

It’s wrong, it happens everywhere and not one side of society is responsible

Condemn it all or not at all