Rangers summer targets – a look at some of the early signing rumours

Since this blog started probably the greatest interest we have from people is questions on our latest signings and targets. A lot of people enjoy reading the latest rumours and gossip so I have decided to put them all here for you to make up your own minds and read all the gossip doing the rounds

Should state here and now that this is all rumours. Until players are at Ibrox paraded then it’s never done or dusted nor should you take any guarantee on any of this from our blog

So here are all the rumours we have heard lately


Jake Hastie

The youngster from Motherwell has been heavily linked with a Bosman summer move, that is certainly no secret. It was reported yesterday this was ‘done’ for £15k a week in an ‘article’ which literally had his name and date of birth wrong

The situation with Hastie in terms of what we have heard is somewhat different

Rangers are interested, contract offer has been made and medical has been had, as we understand it nothing is formally signed as yet however, despite a general ‘acceptance’ he is Rangers bound. The offer certainly isn’t £15k per week or even anything close. The player has other offers on the table

The deal would likely cost around £350k to complete as a ‘development fee’ is required

Unlike the following players there is a definite acceptance of our interest

Graeme Shinnie

Again heavily linked on a Bosman summer move, we had spoke about this last time and again the rumours persist

The situation is extremely similar to Ryan Jacks one two summers ago

Since that blog last time however we have had denials from Rangers, Aberdeen, the player and players agent to those chasing the story. Rangers seem adamant that the player ‘isn’t even on our radar’

Fair to say this has happened before

That’s why no journalist will touch the ‘story’ as the denial is so strong

Greg Stewart

This is similar to above, another player linked on a Bosman summer move and another rumour that simply won’t go away

Has intensified in recent days and people have approached us telling us that deal is done, indeed people have shown us relatively decent information to suggest it’s done

However, like above there is literally no encouragement from anywhere formal that the deal is indeed done or even likely

This is very much like the Shinnie rumour

Lewis Holtby

Hamburg midfielder was linked from German reporters and I have mixed feelings on this one

I’ve saw players names being linked and the reason is Agents will use our club to generate interest

The player ‘apparently’ wants a return to the UK and money is of no interest to him as he is a millionaire now. His only interest is a club with tradition and for whatever reason seems to have a soft spot for us, journalists from Germany are putting it out that we interest him as a potential move

Will Rangers move or do we have any interest remains the massive and obvious question. The only real interest seems to be coming from his side

David Turnbull

Another Motherwell midfielder rumoured to be interesting the club. Recently signed a new deal at the ‘Well but doesn’t seem to have detracted us from watching him, indeed we have scouted Motherwell heavily recently, so much so that we may shortly pinch a few of their youth scouts

We had ‘information’ that the player has been on our radar from as early back as last year

He’s definitely a player there, has hit goals for Motherwell and it’s no surprise we are keeping an eye on him

This is very well one to watch, if we don’t move for him then someone most definitely will. Of all the talents in Scotland he is very near the top

Other rumours include Curtis Tilt, Blackpool centre back available on a Bosman. Have been linked with him heavily before and with Worrall going back, McAuley out of contract it would seem sensible we are at very least looking at centre backs.

Vassilas Lambropoulous is a centre back from AEK Athens also heading out of contract and linked with a move to Rangers. Probably a bit like Tilt above, we will get linked with loads of players at centre back but this one seems to have more ‘substance’ than others. The ‘story’ goes we moved for the player before and couldn’t get it over the line, so it would make sense if he was still on our radar

Stewart Downing has been linked with a Bosman summer move, completely dismissed as ‘nonsense’ and the ‘story’ never even reached tabloids here, take from that what you will. (Again agents at work trying to put their players in the window is most likely prominent here)

Nick Powell of Wigan is also another guy who pops up on the rumours scale and continues to be linked. He is also available on a Bosman this summer. Again a midfielder who likes to shoot, would make obvious sense for players like him to be at least interesting us

Somebody new on the rumours ‘radar’ is Adam Buksa who is a Polish striker from Pogon Szczecin and is 22 years old. Called into the Poland squad last year he has a pretty good reputation in terms of up and coming strikers. Would certainly make sense for us to be scouting new striking targets if expected interest in Alfredo materialises. He’s a new rumour that seems to be popping up lately, story goes that we have scouted the player heavily


So I think that just about covers it rumours wise and a light hearted read before our trip to play the wee team in Glasgow tomorrow

Important to stress again that everything should be treated as rumour with the above. If and when we know something is definitely happening we will certainly try and let you know if we can. I’m sure the summer will be an interesting one

Whilst I certainly don’t consider us to be an ‘ITK’ source, I will always try to give you latest news that we hear as accurately and honestly as we can. I will also put out these blogs every now and then to share all the rumours we have. So I hope they are enjoyed and taken for what they are

I will say I expect a fair few bodies in this Summer in two levels, there will be those that fill the outgoings in the squad and those that will be ‘quality’ first team arrivals. I would think we would bring in around 6-8 players considering those that may leave and will need replaced

Also important to say that we need to be realistic in terms of where we are as a club, guys like Thomas Kalas potentially leaving Chelsea for £5m plus aren’t going to be realistic targets for us, unless an unexpected windfall or transfer sale comes our way

Sure to be an interesting few months ahead of speculation and excitement, it always is though at our club, that’s why everyone talks about us

Good luck to our lads tomorrow and safe trip to those making the journey behind enemy lines

Alex has done a brilliant statistical blog on the game tomorrow and well worth a read, hopefully we can bring more of that type of content going forward also as I believe Alex writes it extremely well – the link is below so give it a wee read if you can.


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