My spirit is unbroken, my heart is still on fire

Before I start this I would like to point out that my own views, that will follow, should not be confused with an acceptance that being 13 points behind or having lost yesterday is acceptable

Losing to them is never acceptable and it does disappoint me. Being second and 13 points behind is never acceptable, don’t confuse my disappointment in that

But I am not downhearted and nothing will detract my thoughts that we are on the right path

Down to ten men yesterday we could have folded and curled up. We battled back and we were by far the better side. The truth is we were extremely unlucky and two horrific individual errors cost us big time. That’s the frustration and that’s how fine the line is

The ten players really gave us everything and it was extremely brave performance

Unfortunately for them Alfredo Morelos let them all down and sold the jerseys

Steven Gerrard commented that he has went above and beyond to defend Alfredo, I thought the manager was absolutely spot on. We all have went above and beyond to defend him. The club have given him a hugely profitable contract and his manager has put himself on the line for Alfredo

What Alfredo done yesterday was incredibly selfish and petulant

Worse still he managed to make that idiot look clever and smart, an almost impossible feat for someone as pathetic as him

There is a lot of anger towards Alfredo and he deserves every bit of it. Every Rangers supporter that has defended him, every Rangers employee that has defended him, not to mention his manager and the club that has rewarded him so well

I had a very public argument with our ex captain Lee McCulloch, defending Alfredo against Kirk Broadfoot and he has simply made me look extremely foolish

He has let everyone down, Again!

I am beyond defending him. Yes it’s sad that we now are in the situation where he is targeted and that’s the level we are at. But it’s all made to look extremely pointless, batting for him at every turn, when he does that. It isn’t the first time and it’s all petulant BS, every red card has been a result of absolute nonsense

He needs to grow up fast and stop hurting the team

I would not blame the club if we have to look seriously at getting rid because missing the amount of games he is missing is ridiculous and pointless for everyone involved. It’s now at the point where risking him in big games is a huge dilemma

Remember, we have rewarded him handsomely and backed him well. Yesterday he burnt a lot of bridges

There are those asking what the difference is between Alfredo and Kent. Kent reacted to being goaded by that idiot, whilst it’s not acceptable I do understand it.

It’s out of character for Ryan Kent

Alfredo has cost us time and time again. That’s the difference

The one I do feel sorry for yesterday is our captain James Tavernier. I thought he was terrific yesterday, his engine is superb and his part in our goal was executed expertly.

His mistake was a real nightmare but he led by example and drove us on. There seems to be a real ‘will’ on social media to criticise his lack of leadership as soon as we are defeated, it’s an absolute nonsense.

Look at our goal yesterday and it starts with our throw which Tav takes. He is berating Goldson for not coming to him, as the ball is back to McGregor that continues as he encourages them to get going, he’s then on his bike wins the flick to Candeias and our goal is formed. Tav doesn’t lead by example as captain, what absolute nonsense

Real men step up and lead by actions on the pitch, Tav has done it time and again this season. Just because James Tavernier doesn’t go to the levels Allan McGregor does, it doesn’t suddenly make him not captain material

I felt really gutted for him yesterday, he has had a terrific season for me and whilst he could have been better for some goals, that’s his first high profile mistake in a very long time

The truth is, as very much like the rest of the season, we shot ourselves in the foot. Like Gerard said weeks ago when he said we ‘nearly’ played well, well in my opinion we are ‘nearly’ there as a team

This Summer is as crucial to the club as anytime previously. Whilst the club may be doing some deals for the squad now, by pursuing the likes of Greg Stewart and Jake Hastie, it should not be seen as an indication of the deals we will do this summer.

I remain extremely confident Gerrard knows what we need and extremely confident we will get it

Whilst yesterday hurt and the first 35 mins wasn’t acceptable, we can be encouraged by what followed. Ultimately it wasn’t enough but some more quality will get us to where we need to be. As difficult as it seems at this minute patience and belief is needed, we need to stick with it

The line is extremely thin

There will be those that don’t agree and I fully respect that, that’s the joys of supporting our club

Before I end this I will say something else on yesterday

In a society where condemnation of all things Rangers seems an acceptable norm, perhaps it’s asking a bit much of the following –

Our squad were pelted with coins yesterday

Our kitman was subjected to Sectarian abuse (This is a guy who’s only crime is to prepare our strips!)

Our manager was subject to sectarian abuse

Our fans were hospitalised due to the actions of that mindless pathetic moron at the end. His actions and celebrations caused crushing, time and time again he is the common denominator

I don’t care about him giving it back to our players, we did it to him (Arfield) so we need to take it, but I do care when he’s potentially inciting our fans. When our fans are being hospitalised isn’t it about time somebody pulled up this moron? Go and celebrate with your own support instead of playing to dregs of your support

When the Police are visiting teams pre match and he’s ignoring it then shouldn’t they do something?

Good on Halliday, I applaud what he did – every single one of us would do the same

But with all that said I look to our government and politicians to get involved in what went on. They were quick enough to get offended when reports of a sandcastle were kicked over!

The reaction to Steve Clarke caused national headlines

There is no difference here

I don’t care what opposing fans sing, I don’t get offended, I am absolutely sick of the whataboutery crap that gets spouted

What I do want is equality for all, so if it’s good enough for Rangers fans to be criticised at every turn by politicians and organisations, then they can all get on their social media’s and get offended over this. Let’s hear the condemnation and outcry

The open season on Rangers, our beliefs and our support needs to stop

One culture, one Scotland? Prove it instead of the usual bullshit ‘Head in the sand’ crap we get unless it involves us

As for the club and players, give us something to cheer and end the season with a strong closing. We have all the faith in the world so a little bit of something back wouldn’t go a miss

Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise