Another day, another boring xenophobic piece of gutter tabloid trash

Another day, another boring Xenophobic ‘article’ that simply sums up why nobody reads the tabloids anymore and sales are plummeting through the floor.

Integrity has gone whilst old hacks of yesteryear churn out boring, hateful, spiteful bollocks designed for only one thing – Clicks and website hits.

So here we are again on Monday morning and Scotlands loneliest hack is doing exactly that.

I won’t bother naming him or giving him the links or airtime he craves because his day is gone.

A ‘journalist’, use that term extremely loosely, who last wrote something worthy of reading when the internet didn’t exist and even then you would be hard pushed to find it. He would love to find a ‘Bitch face pout’ to be looking back at him but sadly the lack of ‘lonely heart’ replies means casual Xenophobia to try and stay relevant is all he has.

That’s all it is, clickbait crap

Starve them out – stop sharing the articles, stop reading and eventually they will die out especially given the way sales are plummeting

If the only way you have to stay relevant is to try and get hits by the old ‘shock’ tactics then it shows you have absolutely nothing about you as a journalist.

Apparently Alfredo is a waster? All I see is a Columbian international footballer, earning millions a year, scoring goals all over Europe and giving back to charity regularly in his homeland. Sure he is a bit rough around the edges, we know he has flaws but he is quite clearly immensely talented. Instead of championing that and talking up the talent in our game, our manager is right, they are only intent on driving him out.

He has the cheek and audacity to claim this young man is a waster? Don’t make me laugh

The definition of a waster for me is some washed up old loser, who lost his integrity a long time ago, sitting lonely in a pub drowning his sorrows night after night craving the day he is relevant – sound familiar?

No one wants to read your clickbait hate infested crap and that’s what it is – absolute gutter tabloid crap. Unfortunately it gets the attention on Social media and people are, quite rightly, calling it out because we are fed up of it.

It’s tiresome, it’s pathetic and above all it’s absolutely gutter journalism

Ever wonder why this website and blog gets thousands of hits? It’s because it’s honest and only interesting in talking about football.

That’s why honest fan led content is so sought after. That’s why people champion our friends at Heart and Hand, spend hours on fanbase forums, sell out shows for guys like Si Ferry in minutes and would rather subscribe for content than read tabloid trash. Why is that? it’s honest, it’s a laugh and it’s banter.

Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise was made for those bloggers whose lies beggared belief but it’s fast stretching to the gutter tabloid journalists who crave attention because they aren’t getting it elsewhere. It’s also fast stretching to tabloids also.

‘Respect our players’ ? What a load of utter nonsense.

Rangers would do really well to tell those particular gutter tabloids that they aren’t welcome.

I’d ask you all one question? What waster would you rather be? An international goal scoring striker, earning millions with your own charity foundation – or – some sad lonely old hack chasing likes, hits and the odd internet date?

It’s a not a competition is it? The sooner these spiteful, hateful old hacks are consigned to the bin the better.

Don’t share it, don’t read it and they will get the message

Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise