Cometh the hour, it’s Hagi time

Since the return of the winter break it’s been a little bleak, It’s been a little grim, it’s been very disappointing and yes we have thrown away some disappointing points. Social media has been down and it’s all been a bit despondent, no point denying it and trying to paint a picture of positivity because it hasn’t been. The team have looked off form and we have needed a boost.

Last night was a Turning point

Yes it’s only three points, yes it’s an expected victory and yes we should be winning the game but recent results have shown that expected results don’t always come.

We needed that result.

Ibrox stepped up and responded to the energy of the team. Not often at half time the crowd are singing and it genuinely felt like a little corner had been turned. It feels like we all needed that tonight, sometimes in football a team need a result like that to kick it back into life. In our history our greatest league titles have been littered with results which have reignited our title charge. I’m going to be positive and say that this victory is going to be that one.

But we needed a spark, we needed a little bit of magic and we needed someone capable of exciting everyone.

Step forward Ianis Hagi

Small in stature, naturally two footed and with a trick or two up his sleeve he is exactly what we have all needed. On the evidence of his Man of the Match performance we are going to enjoy watching him. Furthermore I can confidently say he is going to be the player we all hope and need him to be.

What I liked about him was he never gave up, he wasn’t put off or intimidated by the slide tackles or niggles, he constantly demanded the ball and there wasn’t even the slightest hint he was going to hide when the going gets tough. Yes he will need to learn that he gets less time than he will be used to, yes he will have to learn that every team plays us like a cup final and yes he will have to learn that officials offer us no protection, but none of it seemed to phase him at all.

His winner was delightful and an excellent finish.

Ianis Hagi is the real deal

But in the midst of the positivity and yes I’m deliberately choosing to be optimistic there is still one or two needing to step up their game. We can be better, we will be better and nothing is won or lost in the first week of February. Sure there isn’t much room for give now and we don’t have the luxury of having games to spare but football can turn pretty quickly.

We simply need to dig in and use tonight as a catalyst to reignite our charge towards silverware.

Off the field and Rangers recently were back in the courts to battle against Sports Direct. This time Rangers have won the case allowing an injunction to be lifted Sports Direct had been awarded against us. This means current retail partner Elite can go ahead and pay us the money they owe us with many at the club seemingly frustrated it took a court ruling to enable that.

Rangers are due around £2.7m from this seasons retail agreement. Rangers statement said they ‘hoped’ this would lead to payment was not exactly an encouraging soundbite.

Like any other supporter I long for a day that our merchandising deals were clean cut and we as a support can buy our merchandise knowing the money goes directly to our club without them having to battle to get it. Positively the £2.7m due should now help the clubs finances and shows how massive merchandising can be if our partners are prepared to meet the massive demands our supporters crave.

This week we have also saw the slapping down of the ‘failed trialist’ Michael Stewart who took it upon himself to have a 8 minute rant on the radio of all things Rangers. During this ‘rant’ he said over half a dozen times ‘where’s the evidence?’ In response to Alfredo Morelos talking about receiving racist abuse in Scotland. Two men were arrested and charged after an Aberdeen game and when this is pointed out to him on social media he hides and ignores it, that’s his narrative all over. This little rant forced the station to record an apology to Jim Traynor (not Rangers FC) and he was removed from broadcasting on said radio station programming last night.

Michael Stewart hates our club, he hates everything we stand for and during his little rant even had to be reminded politics have nothing to do with football. He however felt the need to bring them up whilst talking about our club. He has told so many lies and been two faced about situations involving our players and others that his statements are now beginning to haunt him. People are now wise to his double standards and are now publicly challenging that. Complaints to BBC headquarters along with Sportscene, BT sports should be encouraged. Having such underlying hatred towards our club and being allowed to vent it, no matter how small, is not healthy broadcasting.

‘Rangers as a club have to shoulder some of the burden here as well’

This was his outtake on Rangers fans being crushed at Kilmarnock earlier in the season, his hatred is so transparent. I don’t need to be loved by everyone, I don’t need our club to have smoke blown up it’s arse by pundits, all I ask for is fair and balanced reporting. Michael Stewart isn’t capable of this when it comes to our club, much like he isn’t capable of being a politician, pundit or getting a contract from a trial at our great club.

Whilst it’s pleasing that his meltdown brought an apology and climb down from the station it is disappointing Rangers don’t demand such apologies from broadcasters and publications. In recent times where comments towards our players, staff and supporters have been met with apparent silence, it is boiling over into the stands and social media.

Our supporters are sick of our club (and everything involving us) being a punching bag for the MSM.

It’s about time our club came out swinging. I’m not suggesting they release statements every ten minutes but I’d like to know they are at least fighting our corner, even if it’s with integrity behind closed doors. Rangers quite simply have to change their PR stand point. Tell the supporters, listen to the supporters and defend our club. The silence is becoming frustrating to us all.

With that said and to end on a positive note I offer this one thought, win all our games we will be champions. Sure it’s a tall order, it might even seem fanciful. We have underperformed, we have thrown away some points but we have now come out the other side. Let’s use that strength from the stands Ibrox saw against Hibs and kick on.

I’m choosing to be positive, I’m choosing to believe in our players and management.

As the boss once said ‘No retreat baby no surrender’

Until next time good luck to the team and management

Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise