Rangers say season must finish, the truth about finances and pitch maintenance

The more things change, the more things stay the same in the life of a Rangers supporter. Even if there is nothing to report and things are quiet we ultimately still end up in the headlines.

It’s been a few days since the club announced we would furlough a percentage of our non playing staff and then ‘top up’ their wages. In that announcement it also came about that the players had deferred a percentage of wages for three months to help the short term cash flow of the club. This has obviously brought the moon howling sevco accounts plenty of fanciful stories to make up for their followers but it’s important, now more than ever, to ignore their nonsense.

The truth is the players have led this idea and as a result the whole club are united together. Senior players have went to the board and this has basically ensured the safety of all staff and the entirety of their wages. It’s not quite as easy to just cut their wages without it affecting the rights of their own contracts with further consequences for the club down the line, likes of transfer values for example, so done this way is the best way going forward.

Whilst every club in world football is taking similar measures it’s important to point out there is no short or long term financial issues at the club. You will have seen plenty of club staff from RYDC to youth coaches praise the clubs actions on social media which should be comfort enough to know how everyone feels about this.

Sure Rangers will face impacts of this situation that every club will. Potentially transfer market values may fall, teams might not spend as much which has a knock on effect. We might not sell as much season tickets, we might have to sell a player etc. This is the same issues every club face. But stories that players can walk away, the club is in financial bother, the manager is due £1m etc is nothing but fantasist nonsense.

The club told us the share issues remains on going and whilst this may delay things slightly, by their own admission, that work continues. It’s worth remembering that the people on the board are not short of business experience or financial clout. The Parks business, for example, turned over hundreds of millions with a balance of £16m profit, for one year, last time I looked. That’s before we think about other shareholders such as King, who was able to resource £11m in dividends from one of his companies to ensure money was there for the enforced takeover claim which turned out not to be necessary.

My point is that whilst we certainly face challenges people do not need to worry about the long term situation of the club and those that run it. A return to crisis points of before is not realistic and those in charge would never allow that to happen. We have an incredibly strong executive board in place and we should trust them but also be allowed to question them in situation of doubt.

The other hugely satisfying thing is that this was all done very quickly and professionally by the club. It wasn’t played out in the press, nobody had any idea of what was going on and it was immediately sorted out with everyone pulling in the same direction. Whilst other clubs seem to be stumbling about looking for guidance, our club and players have acted for the best of our club and are more united than ever.

What Rangers have done is look after Rangers.

Moving on the SPFL and SFA meet with all member clubs today to discuss the on going situation with league standings and all things Scottish football. Rangers position is extremely clear that we must play the season out and finish all games. We are not advocating for a ‘void’ situation and we will certainly fight any attempts to award titles that have not been fairly won.

Rangers believe that Uefa guidelines are clear and any attempts against that we will fight to the maximum. Rangers are also acutely aware that the fans want any attempt to be argued against and have made it clear that this is our stand point to the Governing bodies.

The sensationalistic headlines this morning are exactly that and they are misleading to the support in general. First of all the club are carrying out essential ground maintenance which was requested by the manager and director of football, understandably given the circumstances of the pitch. Let’s clarify this, we haven’t ripped it up or done this deliberately to stop any potential restarting of the the league. It’s scheduled to be ongoing for four weeks and in that time there is no chance of any football recommencing anyway.

The reporting today is just an absolute nonsense and misleading.

Heart and Hand on twitter told us the true story about the maintenance and that is of course correct. It is important that people now realise that the clubs PR has now dramatically changed for the better. For example if you do spread lies (or have done in past) and are disingenuous in reporting about our club, we will simply use the outlets that do report fairly and accurately. That is not the tabloids and writers that hurt us or sensationalise nothing stories.

Instead, largely thanks to the work of Club1872, the club will now move in an entirely different direction. That involves using fan media and allowing us to be involved in things going forward. I’m happy to say recent dealing with the club have been much more friendly and forthcoming to the extent the club have confirmed I will be allowed the opportunity of ‘full press access’ upon recommencement of the football, at whatever point that may be. This means greater access to the club and means I can now directly ask for information or clarity on situations. For example getting answers on even basic things has been so much easier and clarity easily given in recent weeks.

That has been extremely welcoming and I think will be good long term for this blog and our support. What is important and something I made clear is I must still be allowed to express opinion and voice disproval to the club if and where necessary. I’d like to think in the two years I have done this blog I have been honest and reliable in most information I have given, that to me must never change. Just because I have this I won’t allow honest opinion to change incase it upsets the club. For example if we have played badly I’m going to be angry and say it, if there is a transfer story I’m going to share it etc.

That’s why when it comes to sensational headlines you can ignore them and trust that fan content will be more informed than ever before. Sure the press will still get stories via agents and that just won’t change but those days of regularity have changed. The days of exclusives from the club to press are gone and the club will now dictate the narrative, to the people they trust, as you saw last night with the apparent ‘story’ on the pitch.

Even small points on PR and how we release statements have changed for the better even if slightly. I see this as a huge positive for the club

With all that said, Obviously with Rangers there is still ongoing interest and folk asking about strips etc. The truth is I just don’t know the information on this and it’s not something that I ask about to be honest. My only issue is they treat us fairly and make enough quality for the support. Whether it’s Nike, New Balance or under Armour, I really don’t mind. Similarly if it was Macron (which seems to have apparently been ruled out) then the only importance is what’s best for the club. That’s something I don’t have any information on however I do appreciate people are asking.

For those looking for Rangers content we have been working hard to produce a weekly interview on the 4lads podcast with a former or current player. In recent weeks we had Andy Firth on from the club, Ian Ferguson and a double header with Alex McLeish. On yesterday’s release Alex Rae joined the gaffer to discuss the Helicopter Sunday year and it is brilliant listening. You can find instructions on how to listen here https://t.co/6zIiXmN0w1 and also find all our back episodes there also.

With fan media there is lots to choose from also which offers better insight into the club than anywhere else. ‘This is Ibrox’ done a brilliant interview with Davie Robertson and the guys at ‘WWTC Podcast’ had Marco Negri on chatting as well. Not to mention Heart and Hand with their ongoing fabulous content also. There is plenty to choose from to keep us entertained.

Hope everyone is keeping safe during this times

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