Corruption and lying exposed as Rangers call for resignations

It is beyond belief that in Scotland we can’t be allowed the democratic right to disagree and offer an alternative.

Make no mistake, that’s the only thing Rangers and a handful of other clubs have done.

What has then happened from that moment has ranged from corruption, lies, betrayal and bullying all to force a situation which suits the agenda of those driving it through.

Why the rush? Why can’t we distribute money and allow clubs to take their times discussing the various options we might have to progress our game? (Like what’s happening in England for example) What is the rush to relegate teams and crown people Champions?

So let’s go back and look at exactly what has went on –

The clubs were invited to discuss the situation with the SPFL and a resolution was put in front of all the teams. Teams were then asked to get the vote of that in by 5pm on Friday.

By the SPFL’s own statement ‘the alternative is further weeks, possibly months, of uncertainty and financial hardship for dozens of clubs desperately looking to survive’

Rangers were in regular contact with the SPFL and the timeline was made available to us yesterday. The SPFL would reject Rangers resolution and then neglect to tell the club that, in actual fact the club would find out from championship teams that it would not be viewed as competent. The SPFL would then not tell Rangers this and further reject our clubs correspondence as we tried to contact them.

Rangers were in regular contact with the SPFL, any suggestion they didn’t contact the SPFL lawyer direct is a fabrication of the understanding that clubs should contact the governing bodies directly. When we did eventually get the lawyer there was no suggestion it was wrong. By the time it was made clear it was wrong there was no time to resubmit this for all SPFL clubs to consider ahead of the 5pm deadline.

Now ask yourself why exactly that scenario was allowed to materialise like that? Why dodge our club and be deliberately obtuse in doing so?

Here, for benefit of doubt, is Rangers timeline of communication with our governing bodies

(Thanks to Ibroxrocks for putting this together better than my tweets yesterday!)

Now the vote would go through as planned and Partick Thistle, Inverness Caley and Dundee would all vote NO subsequently bringing the resolution down. Those three no votes mean the resolution would not be able to pass and Scottish football could once again discuss all options.

As now being reported those three NO votes have been proven and witnessed to journalists across Scotland. It was being discussed on radio this afternoon, ICT CEO actually guests and confirms it all in an explosive interview.

This is where it all gets a bit murky

Somehow Dundee’s vote was not received in time. Despite proof of their vote they are now being allowed to resubmit their vote.

This is after the SPFL scandalously released the vote result whilst ‘waiting’ for Dundee who had apparently not registered their vote.

Still following?!

This meant a disgraceful amount of pressure being applied on Dundee in the press and beyond. Infact useful idiot Chris Sutton was in a tabloid this morning practically blaming Dundee for the potential collapse of Scottish Football.

(All this remember for having a different viewpoint in our apparent country of democracy)

Accusations that Dundee have now been approached and coerced by the likes of Doncaster and Peter Lawell immediately after 5pm, bring the whole situation to farcical proportions. Indeed apparent ‘whatsapp’ chat lead you to believe that things are going on when Dundee are now apparently holding off resubmitting their vote and have gone to ground.

Why would Neil (Doncaster we presume?) be on the phone to Peter (Liewell we presume?)

Now the Inverness Ceo practically confirms these whatsapp screenshots are true by his comments today and IF they are then it absolutely beggars belief (no sniggering please)

Interestingly earlier today there was reports that Uefa have hired a virologist who has told them to abandon season immediately.

Surely this isn’t all getting forced through to ensure titles are handed out? Surely not?

Why is Money being used to force clubs?

Rangers have called on the immediate suspension of Neil Doncaster and Rod McKenzie whilst an independent investigation is conducted. Our club has evidence and alludes to sharing it with other member clubs.

Regardless of what is going on, the main thing always comes back to the question Why?

Why the rush?

Who is really to benefit?

Why our clubs being blackmailed with withholding their own funds unless this is forced through?

Why is it one or the other?

What is really going on?

The answer is there and it’s clear for everyone to see

The cabal have been outed and exposed, you have your foot on their necks Rangers, don’t let go

Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise